Chanel costume jewellery - how long is it meant to last?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I bought the Chanel interlocking CC diamante earrings about 4 months ago and yesterday I discovered that 2 diamantes from one of the earrings have fallen out. Is this normal? I thought they would last longer than that... :sad: How long does your Chanel jewellery last?
  2. I had the chanel button earrings from 2 years ago. I sent them back to Chanel twice to be fixed but still, one day one of them broke without me noticing and I lost it. I also have a goldtone necklace from Spring this year, it's still in great shape, however the authenticity notch on the clasp fell off within months!! I LOVE chanel costume jewelry, but it's not exactly durrable
  3. Thanks for the reply :flowers: Do you think my earring is repairable? Would i be able to send it back them to do that; there is no Chanel boutique in my city - I had to buy them via phone order.
  4. Most people I know who have it have mentioned it's lack of durability. Send them back to get the diamantes replaced... Annoying as it may be it's quite common.
  5. I think it is probably fixable, but I think you would have to find an actual boutique. Also, it took 2-3 weeks each time to get fixed, even though they did the repair in-house. If they have to send it away, it could be longer. Kind of annoying, but worth looking into if you really really love them.. :smile:
  6. Great thread because I want the Chanel pearl necklace with the crystal CC's!
  7. Aww, that's terrible. :sad: I don't know, maybe I'm naive, but I don't think my costume pieces have an expiration date... I hope they will last for quite some time. That being said, I guess some items (crystal earrings) are more prone to damage than others :shrugs:, but it shouldn't happen! :nogood: I'm sure you can get your earrings repaired by bringing them back to the boutque/dept. store... since you've had them for a few months, I don't know if you can exchange them, but maybe you can. Either way, bring them in and tell the SA what happened... they should be accomodating! :flowers: Good luck. :tup: :heart:
  8. For me I never have any bad experiences with Chanel Costume jewellries before. All mine are still in perfect condition.
  9. Thank you for all your help - I will call up the boutique I bought it from and ask if I can send it to them for repairs. I really love these earrings, and I was hoping to buy more when a boutique opens in my city!
  10. Same here, I have never had a problem. But I believe there is a year warranty on the costume jewelry.

    To the OP, just call the store you bought them from, let them know some stones fell out and tell them you'll be mailing them in to have them replaced. Then they can just mail them back to you when they have been fixed. Sorry this happened.
  11. I'm surprised at how durable my items are.

    It's those earrings that are causing problems for some.
  12. I keep buying their costume jewelry because its so pretty but honestly out of my last 10 purchases, I'd say 8 had to be returned or repaired! I recently got the crystal CC earrings. Fingers crossed! They seem to be ok so far.
  13. i hpe they wil hold up as i've bought quite a few necklacees from them.
  14. Hey Steph, a crystal fell out of one of the CC's on mine. They replace the crystals for free. You can't really notice the missing crystal so I might wait until a few more fall out before sending it back for repair. My SA already knows about the crystal that has fallen out and he knows of my plan to wait and said there's no problem.
  15. Hi,

    I adore Chanel, but I must confess the faux jewelry has its faults. They do repair w/o question; which is why I continue to purchase. :p