Chanel Cosmetics

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  1. Hello !

    I just scheduled an appointment with Chanel for this coming weekend, and wondering how you all approached it ? because i have never had an appointment with any make up counters at all. what was it like for you? how did you judge which foundation to pick ?? could you ask for samples with purchases ?? and how ???

    another note, i m planning to use my EGC for the purchases, will the SA be snobbish because of that? or do they still get comissions if i use the GC ??

    Thanks !!:heart:
  2. Also,

    Which foundation do you like the best? i have always used liquid foundation, kinda wanna try Powder/cream since i will be traveling in the coming months.

  3. I'm sure the SA will get commission from a GC.

    Have fun!
  4. Hi! I had my first appointment last year :biggrin: and it was great! I love my chanel SA we get along really well.

    Anyhoo I just told my SA what I was looking for in a foundation and she tried a few colours out to see which matched my skintone. I ended up getting the Teint Innocence in 42 petale Liquid. I also asked my SA if she could reccomend skincare and some eye make up stuff for everyday.

    For me it was a very good first experience and it was not at all awkward or snobby :biggrin:

    As for the Foundation - i prefer liquid - i like to mix it with lotion for a lighter look. I know my mum perfers the powder and she says it is fantastic for travelling.
  5. I would suggest going without makeup on, that's the first step! HAHA...
    then I would say just tell her your makeup goals and let her suggest and try different products on you, they have a wide range of stuff...just see what appeals to you :smile:

    And most of all, relax and have fun!!!
  6. I agree..go with a clean face. They will be the artists..and your face should be a blank canvas so they can work their magic and help you find out what products are right for you and look great on you! Tell the SA what look you are achieving, problems with other products you don't want your Chanel products to have, etc.
  7. the SAs won't be snobbish about the EGCs i'm sure they still get commission because they act like regular gift cards.
  8. Chanel is great with samples and I always get lots of them without even asking for it.
  9. its simple. just sit there and they will figure everthing out for you. they may ask you questions (whats your skin type, what are you concerns for face) and you just answer them. lol

    they will most definintely give you samples.
  10. Make sure you like what she puts on. My Chanel SA put on a foundation she liked but I really didn't. We kept trying until we got it right. All the one's I have had before do a really good job. They have great products. Make sure you tell her what your needs are, and she will do her best to match them. Let us know how it goes.
  11. be very specific about YOUR needs and wants.
    Don't just sit down and let her make you up and then sell you stuff. Tell her what you need, for example if you need minimum coverage or full coverage, if your skin is sensitive, if you like to wear a lot of make up or look more natural, etc. . . .
  12. dont just agree with everything they say..ime chanel sa's have been the worst they are not honest and they are just out to make a sale and they dont really care what your needs are. a few weeks ago me and my sister went to go buy foundation and she applied one that looked grey on her skin, and she is like OMG this is the perfect match, no it wasnt!! another time i went to buy a glossimer and she told me the shade i was looking for was discontinued and she conned me into buying some other colors, low and behold the next time i go to the counter the shade is there it was just out of stock...there are many incidents like this that i have had with the chanel makeup counters, but i still go back because im a loser :S
  13. I've thankfully had completely different experiences, I've had nothing but fantastic customer service and recommendations :biggrin:
  14. I have had great luck with my Chanel SA. She seems to know how to steer me away from my old "standby" colors, without forcing me into something that I am not comfortable with.

    As a result, I end up loving shades on me that I would never have even thought to try!

    Good Luck, and most importantly, have fun!
  15. Well...... I kind of had a bad experience at the Chanel counter. I was at Macys looking for a specific color eyeshadow and when I got to Chanel the lady started asking a million questions and begged to do my makeup, practically pushing me into the chair. She was super friendly, but she was WAY too aggressive.

    She ended up putting thick black eyeliner, dark brown shadows, bright pink blush and red lipstick on me. I looked like a clown! I said like "Thank you, but I just don't think this is my style..." She still tried to push me into buying about $500 worth of products! I love Chanel makeup, but I don't let people in malls give me makeovers anymore :nogood:

    I guess my advice is be REALLY specific about your likes and dislikes and bring makeup remover towelettes!