Chanel Cosmetics

  1. I know everyone here is so into Chanel bags..
    But anyone into Chanel Cosmetics???
    I love their foundation, nail polish, skin care and makeups......... :nuts:
  2. there may be some post in out beauty bar section :smile:
  3. I am, I have loved the several things I've tried and have become a faithful followed or the Tinted Moisturizer.
  4. I :heart: :heart: :heart: Chanel cosmetics!

    I am at a Chanel counter almost every weekend!
    Almost every cosmetic I use is Chanel.

    I always have to fish around in my makeup drawer and check the back little pic on the compact to find what I am looking for since all of the compacts are black w/the cc logo- I tried to organize them but they all mishmoshed back together again LOL!
  5. I use Chanel nailpolish only
  6. Yes I do love Chanel cosmetics! Just a tiny part of my collection:biggrin: :

  7. I love Chanel nail polish too- I think it is the best!
  8. i :heart: their makeup too! i especially love their eye makeup!
  9. I've only used the nailpolish, I haven't tried the makeup yet.
  10. I use their double perfection compact...LOVE it.
    I have some of their nail polich, eye shadows and various other things...hmm, maybe I am becoming brand loyal. lol

    I do love my Nars blushes though.
  11. :nuts: I love everything you have!!!

    I really like the glossimers. I have about a dozen.
  12. That's such an amazing collection, would love to see your WHOLE CHANEL Cosmetics collection !!

    All my 10 bottles nail polishes are from Chanel, and I love the Sublimage cream and their toner. Have not tried their foundation yet..any comments ?
  13. ^if you don't need serious coverage, I'd forget the foundation and give their tinted moisturizer a try, it's brilliant!
  14. I love their foundations, eyeshadows, nail polish and mascara, oh and glossimers but thats about it :smile:
  15. I love their nail polish, and glossimers. I recently bought the Chanel new mascara to try, and got some samples of the eye cream.