Chanel Cosmetic Cases

  1. what are my options for chanel cosmetics bags?

    also, do y'all think that the cambon phone/camera case is still avaliable at some stores?
  2. I know there is a small cosmetic type bag in the cotton club line at NM. I think it was $295 or $395...can't remember. There used to be another type of cosmetic case that had a mirror inside, really cute and it retailed for $595. I don't have any idea of the name or style #. I just remember looking at it. You could always call and ask the boutique or NM what's available.

    I highly doubt there are any cambon cell phone cases left. I wish I had bought one of those when they were available. They are so cute!
  3. it'll be very difficult to find cambon phone cases, I saw Cambon iPod cases at Last Call for $128 2 weeks ago.

    My NM had 2 metallicy-y cosmetic cases a couple of days ago.
    Didn't pay much attention to them.
  4. Makeup  case.jpg I

    'borrowed' this pic from the eBay (I hope it's alright)... anyways this was originally my makeup/cosmetic bag....but now I left it in the office as my lunchtime bag :smile: