Chanel Cork Shoes

  1. Does anyone have any shoes that have cork soles? These are my first ones. Just wondering how they will wear. Seems like I'm seeing a lot of cork this year.

  2. You should be fine--just avoid cracking them into concrete curbs or steps, and they should wear just fine.
  3. I have the blue patent mary janes. I love them. I haven't worn them yet.
  4. LOVE those! I'd probably kick them off before driving though and slip 'em back on before you get out of the car.
  5. I've been wanting the cork CLs, but I screw up a lot of heels walking all over the city, and I feel like I would really screw up cork heels quickly. That said, the wedge is probably easier than stilettos to keep nice (no getting the heel stuck in sidewalk cracks or subway grating)