Chanel Convert With $3200 in NM gift cards

  1. What to get :shrugs:
    Hi!! :welcome:
    I usually post in LV, but nothing there seems to call my name I'm thinking Chanel :love: You ladies have some seriously gorgeous bags, I am seriously jealous! After many hours of drooling over the pics, I need something Chanel & finally decided to bite the bullet[despite the crazy price increases :hysteric:] & get something wonderful.
    I love big bags, want something black maybe a Jumbo?? I must admit that I have fallen in love with & covet kimalee's new bag. Any suggestions for me, anything good at the Newport Beach store or should I head to BH??? I know, I'm lame :lol:
  2. Kimalee's new bag is lovely and functional, would be great choice. But if you're a flap girl, the new reissues and s/s classics are great too.
  3. Thank you, Longchamp. I had a jumbo caviar flap in mind before I saw how much could fit into the new flap.

    Would a reissue be good for everyday use or is it more of an occaision bag?
  4. taco - welcome to the Chanel side :graucho:
    I think you may discover that there's room in your closet for both Chanel and LV. But is there a boutique nearby that you can go and try on bags? I know that after LV canvas I prefer to save lambskin for special occasions so I don't have to baby my bags as much. But the caviar is really sturdy! A jumbo flap is a really great everyday bag.
  5. Thank you, queenmab
    It's pretty here on the Chanel side :smile:

    Yes there's plenty of room in the closet, but nothing LV that is "me" for now.
    The new caviar is softer than the old, is that right? I like durable but am a sucker for smooshy leathers so maybe it's a good middle ground for me. My nearest Chanel is at SCP & I have wandered in on occaision but the store is always crowded & hectic so i usually try on whatever is out & haven't come across a reissue or Jumbo when I'm there.
    My hands are kind of tied with the GC's & NM so I am at their mercy :sad:
  6. Get a metallic black in 227. It's roomy and the color is TDF.
  7. ooooh, I just did a search for that & OMGosh it's stunning :drool:

    Wondering if I should drop it all on a bag or get a less expensive bag & some accessories :sweatdrop: Maybe an Ultimate Soft and wallet, so many pretty pretties to chose from.
  8. $3200 in gift cards - is AWESOME!!

    Lots of choices for you.
    I would go look at the bags and get what ever just feels great - then if you have some left over cool, but if not so what - you got something to totally love :smile:
  9. I just saw Kimalee's bag in the NM Newport Beach yesterday! I LOVE it!!! It comes in the new washed caviar, and the softer leather works great with this new bag. From your post, since you're used to the sturdiness of LV, and you like big bags, I'd recommend Kimalee's new "GST flap". It holds more than the classic jumbo, and caviar leather should be hardy.

    The distressed calfskin of the reissues, I don't think is nearly as strong for daily use as caviar. And it's a lot more $$$. I think the equivalent size to the GST flap, which retails for $2575 (I think?), would be the jumbo (old 228) size, and that retails for $3495. I would go try everything on and then decide.

    As for your location question, eventhough NM NB is smaller than BH, their stock is surprisingly comparable in my experience. I think BH gets more traffic, so there were times I have been there and they didn't have anything I wanted to look at. Another thing you can do is, go the the nearest store, try on the bags, and once you decide on the one you want, you can call one of the NM SAs on this forum and do a charge send. I have a SA at the NM NB that I can recommend to you also.

    Have fun deciding! That is the best part, I think!
  10. There are Jumbo flaps (love them and are great everyday bags too) at Chanel/SCP right now, even the new flap that you were inquiring about my SA can get it for you.
    Her Name is Marie Scott (brown wavy hair) or another good one is Shoshiko (older lady), and if you are tied up w/ NM g/c- then NM/NB Great SA is: Vonne Nguyen
    Good Luck!;)
  11. ocgirl :yahoo: thank you for posting about the GST flap at NM I am going tomorrow morning to look at it :yahoo: I hope it is still there :sweatdrop:
    :heart: thegraceful1 thank you for posting your great SA's name, hope Vonne is there in the morning, although I'd be willing to hang around all day for a good SA.

    Thank you :flowers: I love this place :love: