Chanel Confused

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I was told that maybe this forum could help me. My husband and I bought this Chanel bag in Paris in 1992. I have never used the purse let alone taken any of the wrapping papers out of the purse. It is still in the original box and I have the receipt. I've attached photos to help.

    Could someone tell me what this purse would sell for nowadays? Is it rare or still produced? Since we know nothing about Chanel bags I would appreciate all you could share with me.:shrugs:

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
  2. Oh its lovely!
    its a timeless classic piece with lambskin.
    It now retails for appx. 1800-2000 in stores. Can I ask you much you paid for it back then?
  3. Thank you very much for the information.

    We were trying to figure out the conversion from francs to dollars and I think we paid $1175.00. The purse was a gift for my mom but she never got the chance to enjoy it and I had it stored away in a closet all these years. I just found it again today and was considering selling it on Ebay. Do you think after all these years Chanel would let me return it? :girlsigh:
  4. Great color!! I know a lot of people are interested in that type of red so I think you could get at least 1300
  5. Unfortunately Chanel will not take it back but you should have no problems selling it on ebay, heck, I think you might even get more than what you paid!
  6. That would make my husband very happy and it would be nice to know someone would love it as much as my mom.
  7. Wow..that's gorgeous..I love the red! :girlsigh:
  8. What a lovely red! It looks like you have the classic flap medium size, which is still being made today. My guess is that you would be able to get back the price you paid for the bag (wow only $1175, 14 years ago!)- the red is stunning, and it's never been used... I don't think you would get the current retail price, just b/c there is a red out currently, and if I was paying retail I'd want to buy it from the store. It is pretty though!
  9. That looks like a medium double flap in lambskin. The color is so gorgeous!!! OMG why aren't you wearing it?! *pokes*

    I LOVE it!! hehe
  10. Wow!! Lovely bag.
  11. Wow so I hope by 2016 our current bags would be almost doubled :smile:

    Anyways its too bad this is from so long ago and yet its never used because I would be concern about purchasing from an unknown seller for a bag that looks completely new but is from more than 10 years ago since the boxes, dust bags, tags all look so different only collectors that have been around Chanel for more than 10 years would be able to confirm its authenticity. (not saying yours is not authentic what so ever) but just saying it might be a little hard to sell to just anyone. IMO :smile:

    If you have friends who are Chanel collectors I think you would get way better value for it than simply listing it on ebay. Good luck!
  12. I really do appreciate all your comments and suggestions!! I do have the receipt from the Chanel store in Paris but I can understand your point on its authenticity being questioned.

    I guess the reason I never used the purse was because it was for my mom and I always sort of thought of it for an older women.

    I love the way you all know the style, size and material all by looking at the THAT is amazing!!!
  13. I think if you eBay it you'll get a good portion of your money back.
  14. O_O Chanel is definitely not for older woman!! The red is a very young color!! Haha!!
  15. Wow, what a lovely bag, Passion! If you're an eBayer with a long track history and good feedback, I don't see why you couldn't get close to retail for this lovely Chanel! As a frequent eBay buyer, I'd probably value that bag upwards of $700.00US. However, the eBay market is very hard to predict at times, so you may want to list your bag at a higher price to begin with (~$1100) and hope that it catches the eye of a Chanel collector. If it doesn't sell first time round, you could always relist it at a lower price the next time. :yes:

    If you do decide to sell it, make sure that you take large, clear pictures of the interior and exterior of the bag and also of any authenticity documentation accompanying it.

    Good luck! :tender: