Chanel Colours

  1. In your opinion, which is the best colour of a Chanel handbag for a young person?
  2. Do you mean the classic flap bag? I think something in a fun color like white or pink....the black and beige can be a bit more formal. Which style were you considering? How old is she? I am not a "young" person anymore lol (well, not that old....late 30's)...but I just bought an ivory classic flap and have a pink one. It is easier to dress them up and down. The black I see as being more on the dressy side.
  3. I think it depends on the bag!

    I just turned 29, and I love most of the leather colors... for me the big thing that makes the bag look more mature is the hardware. I think silver hardware is much more youthful looking than the gold.

    Otherwise, I think you can pull off any leather color when you're young. My only Chanel is in white with silver hardware, and I love that. But brown, black, red, pink, beige... I think you can wear it all.
  4. I think they're all great! Each color is versatile enough. I'd go with beige or pink...those are my favorites.
  5. Im getting into red tones a lot. But I think no one can go wrong with black.
  6. Depends on the bag! If the price range is open I'd say almost any color from the Lux LIgne!
  7. I think it totally depends on personal style and what kind of bag you're looking for. Every season, they do the classic flap in a young, bright color...personally, I'd love to have a red one or the yellow one they did in Spring 06, and the violet ones this season are very chic.

    But really, I think pretty much all styles in all colors will look good on a young person. You just have to find the right one you fall in love with.
  8. White! And black is always classic.
  9. I am considering the east/west bag. I'm 18, am I too young for that handbag? what do you think?
  10. East West is chic yet a bit more naughty than the usual flaps! I think it will look sassy on you! With regards to colors, I tend to pick something easier to maintain if the bag is expensive... like Black lol.
  11. I like black, is a classic. But definitely not a young colour. Does anybody know in which colours the east west bag come?
  12. Hmm...I don't know, but when I think Chanel, I automatically Pink. lol. Then again, I looove pink. hahaha...I think Pink and Chanel go sooo well together. I'd love to get Black, Red, and Violet in my collection, too, though.:yes:
  13. Thank you!

    Can anybody post a pic of an eggshell handbag?

    I like purple, it's a young colour. And I don't have any purple handbag. What do you think?
    Apart from that, which one is the best leather, caviar or lambskin? is there any difference talking about prices?
  14. lambskin is almost always at least 100-300 more than caviar, its more elegant but fragile, as for the caviar which is sturdy, and durable but less elegant