Chanel color 15C red in calf skin leather


Nov 30, 2014
Mmaya! I love love your Instagram! I enjoy your pics, I didn't realize it was you, I love your new jumbo, it is deep and puffy!
How awesome!!! Thank you so much it means a lot to me that you love my pics... I was so torn between the red and the black Jumbo, but I know I could not handle the lambskin...

I have seen one on Fashionphile , however I think its missing the authenticity card? I am going to take a closer look now. Then there is a 19 series but I think it has massive color transfer!!!

My SA doesn't know when red will be back in Caviar so its like PLEAE BRING IT BACK!!!!! lol

This Chanel Luxury Goods community is so small and its soooooooo great we tend to know more than the stores!!!!