Chanel Collection

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  1. Ok ladies, it's terribly cold in NYC. No one has extra money. The economy sucks. I just got an exorbitant credit card bill and seriously have to cut spending.... but here are pix of my "little" collection. I am home today as if I go out I may be tempted to spend. I only want Chanel anyhow and will wait until Spring for something that is absolutely fabulous. I had a hard time taking these shots as my camera may need a new battery, but here goes:

    • 2 Medallion totes: Left is bordeaux caviar and right is black patent. I added the tassel from an older purse. I LOVE tassels. I had a hard time finding these colors and when I found them I snapped them up.

    • Left is the new teal flap I could not resist and right is the khaki bubble flap. Both I had to really look for and bought as soon as I saw them.

    • Left is the black caviar PST and right is the brown Cambon Reporter. I was lucky and got the reporter on sale at Bergdorf's and it ended up being an Xmas gift from my DH.

    • Left is the black Rock Chain (I fell in love with the bracelet-like chain and could not resist) and right is a tiny vintage black patent with a beloved tassel. ***** Should I sell this????

    • Here are my shoes: I love classics

    • And lastly, my newest addition: a grey orylag scarf. ***** Is it dumb to purchase a brown one too????? I have a great fondness for these scarves for some insane reason. They really dress up an outfit.....

    I can't afford much else. The teal flap was my first real flap and I would like a jumbo now, perhaps in a navy patent if I can find one. I think Chanel looks superb in patent and just dazzles.

    I have gone over the Chanel edge. I ONLY want Chanel purses & shoes, maybe a few classic Louboutins and that is it. My credit card has taken a beating since I discovered this forum. Enjoy and please help me decide what to do. I read the Chanel forum every day as if it were a religion. I am starting to feel like a lunatic. I used to wear and collect LV but now can not even look at it, except for the vintage trunks and wardrobes etc. I have several. They are awesome.


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  2. Here they are:

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  3. Dame it! The world economy is in a mess-but where not going to lay down and die with doom and least we will go out with a smile on our face:yahoo: CHANEL:heart:
  4. Great collection! I LOVE that pic with the teal flap and BQ flap, they look so cute together! The teal one is lamb?
  5. Well you have a great collection and I see what you are saying. During this time it gives alot of us a chance to appreciate what we have and only buy what we really truely love or need- I for one certainly will be.
  6. Hey Fauve,
    Your collection is admirable. I love the bordeaux medallion and the teal flap. They are really knockout beautiful. I wouldn't dismiss LV. Since I have mixed my Chanels, LVs, and Hermes, I feel like I have a totally eclectic (I deleted "complete," because I keep an open mind) collection. Even some of my Coach, L.A.M.B. and Cole Haan bags make the rotation. Each one has it's place in my wardrobe and gets used.
    I consider the LV monogram canvas a staple and a neutral. I have a nice selection. They are lightweight and travel well. So, I consider my coleection really well-rounded.
  7. Love your collection and whether big, med or small - all collections are special. I really love the fur die for!!!:heart:

    Great bags and I know how you feel I am trying to go on a ban and it is hard. I was just at NM making a payment and stopped by to say hello to my SA (in the Chanel department - of course :rolleyes:) and it was so hard not to come home with a new bag....:Push:.
  8. You have a really great and versatile collection! I love your brown Reporter, it must be so easy to keep everything neatly organized with all those pockets!
  9. Beautiful collection Fauve.I want one of those medallion they still come in those colors? I also got the jumbo reporter black/black on sale at N.M. Don't know what to do with it though,thinking it might be out of fashion.
  10. great collection! i love the teal flap! sooo pretty! :love:
  11. Gorgeous collection! I love the teal flap!!!
  12. You have a beautiful collection. Everything is very nice. I really really love your teal flap also. The color is so pretty. Your shoes are great choices also :smile:
  13. That is a great collection. It certainly isn't small. I only own 6 of them, and 4 of them are totes. I LOVE the tote bags, especially the PST. I also put myslef on a "budget". I haven't bought a purse yet this year. Of course we're only in January :P
  14. beautiful collection....not small at all. Great range of sizes and styles.
  15. beautiful collection! congrats!