Chanel coin purse

  1. I didn't see Chanel coin purse that often and today I found some photo of a very cute style and I just wanna share it :smile:
    C-A34302-C3987-BL-b.jpg blue coin.jpg C-A34302-C3987-BL-d.jpg C-A34302-C3659-BK-b.jpg C-A34302-C3659-BK-c.jpg
  2. Vicky2007, thanks for posting those lovely coin purse pics...I might need to call up my SA to have a look out for them.:heart:
  3. Petals12, You're welcome!!
  4. Thanks for posting. I really like that. Is that a current style?
  5. how cute! have you seen it IRL?
  6. How adorable! Thanks for sharing...
  7. so cute i love it. do you mind telling me how much you paid for it?
  8. super cute! I wonder where they are....
  9. It's simply lovely!
  10. Thanks for sharing! I didn't know Chanel made coin purses.
  11. Do you think CC can be fit in too? :smile:
  12. cuteee!!!!
  13. That's a pic from Japanese site. Price is roughly around 200GBP+ and it is from the recent past collection.
  14. Very cute!