chanel coco's croco 2.55

  1. Is there only the following colour of the coco's croco? or have any others such as pink/white/black?[​IMG]
  2. I could swear I saw a pic of it in black...hmm...
  3. Yup I remember seeing a black one a PFer got...Not sure about the other colours though.
  4. I've only seen turquoise, purple, black, yellow and red. I've seen satin and a silk/jersey mix.I haven't seen pink or white anywhere.
  5. Yep, I remember seeing a picture of a black one as well.
    I have the purple one with gold hw.
  6. Are these bags available now? Which stores, and colours? Thanks.
  7. oooooh i love those deep blues and purples! They are definately not in any of my stores yet.