Chanel Coco Handle - Need Help on Size please!

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Which option?

  1. Medium grey with no lizard handle

  2. Medium grey with lizard handle

  3. Large grey with lizard handle

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. All,

    I am going back and forth on what size would be the right size for this Coco Flap bag. Please give me your thoughts on this. I dress classic with a bit of an I am leaning toward the lizard handle because I think it gives this bag some pop and fun.

    My options are the following:

    1.) Grey medium with no lizard handle
    2.) Grey medium with lizard handle
    3.) Grey large with lizard handle

    I am 5'4" and in my early 40s. See my modeling pics. I am a working mom (2 boys ages 6 and 8), so don't go out to terribly much. I use a Goyard large tote for work, and so this would be a good daily handbag and do switch my bags out periodically.

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  2. Both sizes look gorgeous on you! I am however a little confused as I thought the medium was a tag smaller than the medium you have in the photo?

    Personally I just bought the one with the lizard handle and I love it:smile: IMHO the handle makes the bag. It makes it look so lush and elegant
  3. No...this is the size that was $3600. There is a size smaller than this....I think it is $3300. Then the size larger is $3700- though the lizard handle in large is $4200 and the medium is $4000. My boutique has every size I think now.
  4. Ah so there must be four different sizes then! In HK they only have 3. I have (what I thought) was the medium (must be a small one). There is also another one smaller than mine (must be mini).

    Have you tried the smaller one? If you already have a large tote then you might want something a little smaller that can still fit everything you need in your everyday bag. Here is mine for your reference. I'm 5'5 and it just fits a regular ipad

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  5. Well, I have a ton of large bags, that is for sure, but I do want either the medium or large. Don't want to go smaller than the medium for me:smile:
  6. That's perfectly valid :smile: In that case, I prefer the Large one on the photo. It looks like a more defined trapezoid, which is very elegant IMHO. However, it might be that my opinion of the Medium one is based on the colour on the photo because i honestly think the lizard contrast handle makes the bag :smile: The plain handle makes the bag look a little bit aged and not as quirky and modern. if you have a photo of you with the medium with the lizard it might look much better?
  7. Here you go...but this in not me. Though my SA and I are the same size....this is the red handle medium in grey and blue. She is wearing grey.

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  8. This is large.

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  9. Yes, these are simply gorgeous! My vote is for medium lizard handle. :smile:
  10. Medium size looks better I think! So I vote for medium size with lizard handle
  11. I like the medium with the lizard handle too!
  12. Another vote for the med w lizard, it looks more interesting. The large bag looks too large to me unless you have a larger frame which you do not.
  13. medium best
  14. Medium black with lizard handle. More contrast than the grey and I prefer the sizing of the medium.
  15. Another vote for medium lizard!! I so wanted this bag however it didn't look good on me but looks really nice on you and your SA. 😄