Chanel Coco Cabas

  1. Hey, everone. I was considering getting the chanel coco cabas in black leather. And I am 5'3" so I was wondering if anyone thought that was too big for me? Also I only have a tiny little picture of it so if anyone could post pictures of celebs wearing it or just plain pictures would be very helpful. Thank you soooo much.
  2. If you are considering to get the baby cabas in leather which is the smaller size, I don't think it will be too big on a 5'3" person.
    Go to coco cabas reference library, there are alot of pics...
  3. no I don't think so, but I love big bags anyway. I have a black baby cabas and I'm like 5'2"/5'3".
  4. I love big bags - I think the coco cabas is the perfect size!
  5. Not too big. Have you tracked one down?
  6. good luck finding one...I know I want one and can't even get a hold of one...I'm so desprate...I went from strictly choosing white to...white or navy!!!

    next thing you know...I be happy with black, brown, or teal-haha!!!

    please inform me of a white or navy baby cabas!!!

    (no eBay please)
  7. I dont think it will be too big for you.. :yes: