Chanel coco cabas

  1. Hello everyone...this is my first time posting in Chanel..I just have a question...i've recently fallen in love with the coco cabas...and i'm new to chanel and don't really know if there are more than one version of this bag..the one i'm looking for is very large, in black...not patent..and has the cc logo on the this except black. Does anyone know where I can get one..are they difficult to get? I don't mind having to wait a long time..but I would just like to know if it is even possible to still buy one. Thanks everyone!

  2. Also how much do they cost? Thanks again!
  3. This is the original cabas. These are not being released again and are sold out in stores. Your best bet is eBay.
    Sorry, I don't know how much these bags cost.
  4. The bag retailed for $1650. In terms of releasing for fall/winter, different SAs have said different things. I've spoken with SAs at Chanel, NM, Nordstrom, and Saks and all have told me that they are not being released. But a couple tPFers were told by their SAs that they expect the bag in black and khaki at an increased price of $1995.
  5. OH really...I want it so BADLY....if they are not realasing this bag does anyone know what is replacing it...? Thanks again everyone!
  6. :nuts::nuts: OMG i am in love with Sienna's bag!! The bag is beautiful and the brown leather is gorgeous too! Does anyone know what size she has in that picture?

    I really hope Chanel re-releases this bag - I LOVE IT!
  7. I think the baby cabas (small and large) is being released in fall, not the original cabas.
  8. I got my original cabas on eBay, I was searching for this bag for months but with a little patience I finally got one. I paid a little more than the retail price but it was so worth it I love it and use it everyday. The dark brown one is very hard to get I got the dark grey which looks brown. Ebay has a white and black with the cc's on the front they both look very authentic.