Chanel Coco Cabas?? Will it be worth it?

  1. Hi... I'm new here...

    I need some help in deciding whether or not to keep my distressed 'black' coco cabas (baby).

    Will this bag be out of date soon?

    I like the shape and the material, but since this is going to be my first Chanel purchase, I want to have the one that last. Not just for a year.

    What do you guys think?

  2. Same here,

    I just receiverd my black baby coco cabas and decided to return it. It is not that super and I don't fit it at all.

    Shake hands,
  3. I think the Denim Cabas has more oomph to it, I can see it always being in as Denim never goes out.
  4. I am not the kind of person that goes with the trends. You really need to get a bag that's functional for you and works with your lifestyle not a bag that seems to be the "It" bag of the moment. This way it's something you love and can use as long as you want.
  5. Only keep if u love it..I personally found the cabas to be an amazing bag..I bought more than one color....and super easy to get in and out of
  6. The coco cabas is a trendy bag imo. Since you are concerned about it, I think you should get a more classic bag.
  7. I really don't see the baby cabas as being "that" trendy.
    Compared to other Chanel bags, the baby cabas is actually very low key.
  8. I LOVE the Cabas!!! It's my favorite bag!!! It's just a fabulous big shoulder bag that is easy to carry!!! If you're not in love with it return it and don't worry if it's trendy or not~ that doesn't matter. What matters is if you will get good use out of it!!!
  9. The Cabas is really growing on me.
    I don't see it as trendy.
    I agree with what Z&J said. You have to wear what works and buy what you love.
    I still carry my paddies in the fall and everyone and their mother says those are trends way past their time (except maybe the ladies in the Choloe forum LOL)
    But I love them and will carry them until I fall out of love.
  10. I'm asking the same exact question...I just got a call from my SA, who said she's holding a dark silver and black baby cabas for me. I've been waiting so long for this bag that I'm not sure I still want it. I'll be going over to see the bags this afternoon though!
  11. I struggled over whether to get a Cabas also...i decided to wait and save for something more classic. If you love it, but think you'll outgrow it or not like it as much in a year, if its still not an "it' bag or a "classic" than I'd say wait and save up for something you know you'll always love.
  12. Thanks guys for all of the comments. It really helps.
    When I'm home today, I'll ask all of those questions: will I love it overtime, will it be functional in my life, etc, etc...

    Either way (keep it or return it), my next list is the Chanel 25.5 reissued (226) =) - Maybe in the fall, need to save some money first...

    I'm still doing research on what color I want... =p
  13. i loved all of mine... i have the vinyl, the original and baby. they are actually considered very low key IMO.
    it doesn't scream logos but it's shape is unique in its own way.
    i think it worth all my money :p
  14. I think the leather cabas is definitely a bag that can stand its ground. It has a very simple shape, and like seahorseinstripes said, it doesn't scream the Chanel logo.

    The only cabas that will become passé in my opinion is the vinyl. The leather cabas will stand the test of time. I say keep it.
  15. I have a lot of Chanel bags - including the baby cabas in black leather - and I think you should keep it. It is much more functional that the classic flap or the reissue - I love (and own) those bags too, but as an everyday, classy, understated bag, I think the baby cabas is awesome.