chanel coco cabas or more hermes herbag?

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chanel coco cabas vinyl or more hermes herbag?

  1. chanel coco cabas vinyl

  2. more hermes herbag

  3. find another bag!

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  1. i already have one hermes herbag in tan leather lid :

    but i''m contemplating on more and more :p i have a chance to own another one like this in black leather lid.
    but i'm also lusting on a chanele coco cabas in vinyl ever since i saw it on kate moss!
    which one should i get?
    or this?

    or find another bag?
  2. Another bag for sure! I don't like the Herbag, and the Coco vinyl is getting a bit overdone right now... too much magazine exposure. Maybe the smaller leather oversized Coco that's in the Cruise 2007 instead?
  3. i very much like to get the leather, but it's too expensive for my budget :p
    and i don't like the small one :p
  4. What about another hermes bag but not the herbag..maybe massai?
  5. Not a fan of the herbag at all. I love the Coco though! But there are so many great bags around!
  6. can u post me pic of the massai? :p
    i'm new to hermes, and just fall in love with herbag because it's an understated bag from all the hermes bags :smile:
  7. OMG!!! are u kidding me!it's a hard question for me and i chose both:biggrin:
  8. another bag - the herbag seems kinda old ladyish and the chanel bag seems tacky due to the vinyl material
  9. OMG! it's a tie now 3 on all questions :crybaby:
  10. I say an Hermes Evelyn. My favorite!
  11. OOOhhh, I like the white Hermes the best. Maybe in black? The other Hermes is nice and so is the Coco but I think the Hermes is more of a purse for everyday. Just my opinion. But they are all gorgeous!
  12. I say another bag, but between the two, the cabas.
  13. Love the Herbag... any idea on the retail now? I was just in the Hermes store today and didn't see it... Haven't in awhile, but love it all the same...:heart:
  14. Hermes!
  15. The Chanel looks good.