Chanel Clutch?

  1. Does anyone know anything bout this clutch? I really like it! Is it even Chanel?! hahaha I dont know, but Victoria Beckham and some girl both have it! If its Chanel does anyone know the name? style? cost? availability?

    I really like how it looks like a loaf of bread, a cute one of course =]

    thanks everyone!
    davixc0.jpg vic_westlondon2.jpg vic_westlondon4.jpg paris319xr1.JPG
  2. It comes in caviar for 895 (black, grey, white, blue, purple)


    lambskin (white or black)

    Call a Chanel store - NYC 57th St. Had them 2 weeks ago - I had the white caviar but decided not to take it b/c a clutch isn't practical for me -- it is GORGEOUS!!
  3. o00000h I love it!!

    Im loving the Black Lambskin the most for that clutch!

    how much is the lambskin do you know?

  4. I've seen both the white and black lambskin and they're gorgeous. Just not my style:shame:
  5. lambskin is 995 - sorry... i thought i posted it
  6. Thanks!!!

    I want one soo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If I get one, I'd be happy as hell.

    I feel those neeeeeed matching sunglasses.
  7. I love this clutch! I even tried it on in store, although it felt a little awkward in my hands. I think it looks much more elegant IRL in lambskin rather than caviar.
  8. I hope it looks that big on me, looks like it would be smaller on me since im a big boy =]

    aha I wonder where I would use it?
  9. Kim Kardashian looks gorgeous!:love:
  10. :love: totally LOVE this clutch too!!! :love:
  11. I love this clutch--- it just may be my first Chanel purchase!
  12. I just purchased the caviar after discussing with the sales associate. She advised that the lamskin clutch would loose it's form because of the framing...not sure what that means, but I want to be able to carry it for a while....although the lambskin is stunning.
  13. Wow thats a really good price!
  14. Does it have a strap? Is there anything else in the quilted lambskin in the form of an evening bag and and how much would it cost?
  15. size wise... the east/west is a great evening bag - it comes in the same colors as the clutch and is 1050... I love it!!