Chanel Clutch!

  1. Ive been looking for a black lambskin clutch, ive seen a few on eBay but some have red lining and some have black! What colour lining should an authentic bag have? Thanks:smile:
  2. They should have a black lining.

  3. Thanks!
  4. I think it depends what year it was made as well. I have seen some Chanel flaps that were at the boutique (lambskin) that had burgundy interiors.
  5. Saks & NM carry both in Black and burgundy interior, both SAs can't tell why it's that way, just an indication of different years made perhaps? Both colors of interior are auth! :yes:
  6. Yep both are authentic.
  7. I've only seen Black.
  8. Nordstoms in California has it in white
  9. Oh, sorry, clarification: I meant I've only seem the Black lamskin clutch with a black lining. I own both the black lambskin and white caviar clutches.
  10. Hi designermummy fancy seeing you here. Cheating... ;) I think that different lining colours are a result of the year they were manufactured.
  11. My SA has them with both linings.
  12. I got mine last year--burgandy lining. I love the contrast.
  13. ^ Mine is black/black but I prefer the one with burgundy lining. The contrast makes a different and in my opinion for the better.