Chanel Clutch

  1. Ok, Here I go again.

    Does anyone know the price of the caviar clutch?

    Are there different sizes?

    I'm thinking about getting a clutch.
    For those who have one already, are they versitile?

    Or do you just use it for evening wear?

    Thanks ladies.
  2. I think there is one size and I think it is $995 in caviar...They seem very versatile. I saw them today in the store and they are awesome...I totally want one and want to know what colors are available other than white or black...
  3. They used to have red, purple, blue-gray, some really nice colours and I think Mon posted and said she saw coral and python??? 2 SAs have recently told me that they only have it in black and white now..
  4. I have one in red caviar and I love it.
    I love the look of lambskin but I tend to be rough on my bags.
    It's uper versatile.
    Casual enough to carry around in the day and it holds a lot.
    Perfect size for evening.