Chanel CLUTCH? Which do you recommend...

  1. Hi everyone! I really like the style of the chanel clutch in RED. I'm not sure of the style name but it's the one with the logo in silver in the middle that clasps on the top.

    Which one would you choose? RED caviar or lambskin?

    Also, for those who have this style, would you recommend it for nights out? What can you fit in it? Any pics would be appreciated.

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. Im a big fan of caviar and I have that bag in black caviar and LOVE it. I cant wait to use it. So I'd recommend caviar.
  3. ^Thanks luccibag. Is the one your talking about the timeless clutch?
  4. haven't tried the timeless clutch irl, but looks great in pics, i'd proably get the red in caviar. the color is just gorgeous
  5. I have it in black patent. It holds alot. I love it.
  6. My mom has black caviar. I'd recommend caviar! Love the red.
  7. Does this come in only silver hardware or does it come in gold as well? I've only seen it in silver. Thanks!
  8. ^ i've only seen the silver hardware too..
    i actually like lambskin better, since it is for evening bag..but, caviar is great also, since u will hold it a lot.
    u could not go wrong either way:p
  9. ^ thanks! I wonder if the silver only comes with the caviar and the gold with lambskin? Help!

    Which combo should i pick? I never knew it came in both? Am I wrong?
  10. I like caviar!
  11. i think its the timeless clutch.
    i have it in black lambskin and white caviar.
    I think my vote goes to the red lambskin, coz i dislike the combination of red and caviar....its just me tho!!!
  12. ^ for the one's that see it IRL, how would your describe the red?
  13. red caviar red caviar!
  14. Caviar timeless clutch. (red of course)
  15. OMG This comes in red!? I think it has to be mine.