Chanel Clutch- Seen a fake one ...:(

  1. :tdown::tdown:I was in one of my local consignment shops the other day and happened upon 2 cute shearling bags.
    I had to pass- because the price still was just not right for me- Plus I am on a
    I was talking to the owner as I have never consigned here before and only have come into browse and check things out.
    I always feel out a joint before I buy or sell anything to see what kind of place they running. To see if there knowledge is up to par .
    We were discussing Chanel as she was admiring my Les Marais Tote- she had never seen the ligne, anyway one of her assistants went to the back and brought me out a timeless clutch.. I was like- who gave this up so fast, it looked very pretty-as I have never actually held one. I don’t care for clutches, so I never bothered to look at them. I looked at it again and it was a serious fake. The owner realizing that I knew- tried to grab it really fast from her
    and so no, this is a replica.. I was like let me see it, it was “supposed” to be lambskin but the leather was obviously fake. Had I been carrying it out somewhere- you would never know the difference until you got close up.
    I looked in the bag and it had a hologram sticker that at first glance appeared authentic. Even the interior of the bag was red. The dead give away was the dust cloth.. no matter how hard they try they can not get that dust cover right… I have been just watching eBay and looking at various auctions…and everything about a fake bag could look so good, but then they show the dust cover and its all over.. I just recently reported a fake bag, this is something I never do- I was pissed only because I have seen that sellers items before and she or he is claiming to have bags from the Sex and the City set. I almost bought one once and then I woke up- something was nagging at me not .Even has the receipt and paraphernalia pictures of the SALE sign and all.. Plus she is guaranteeing 100% authentic. I am like you know what, this has got to go.
    I was like these fakers are getting bad.. I have been carrying chanel for a lot of years now, I think over the last few years “FAKE”
    Chanels are everywhere. I always seen fake Guccis ,LV’s, Prada’s and Versace’s, but now Chanel is wide open to the trend.
    It used to be only the obvious lignes, but now- they have gotten a hold of everything. I guess the demand is so high and as prices go up
    It was bound to happen.
    I just had this thought this morning and I thought I’d put it out there…
    Its such a shame that people are always trying to rip others off and deceive them..
    My conscious would not let me rest.. I lose sleep if I return something I have bought and the SA loses commission..
  2. I would not lose sleep if I return something and the SA loses commission, but I agree with you that Chanel's are being faked soo much now and its not just the cambons I rarely see any real Chanel's. I have a local second hand shop that sells authentic designer goods and I saw some Chanel cambons I was soo excited but upon close inspection I noticed that they were fake. When I pointed this out to the owner, he was insulted and told me it was real and they took it to Chanel to be authenticated and asked me to leave the store!
  3. aw toni. i know how you feel. i hate to return and rarely if ever do.:sad:
    as for consignment shops, you can find some real treasures, but you must be careful too. ;)
    the fakes are disheartening to see, but it is good you have an eye for them and are not duped.:okay:
  4. i would report the owner of that shop for selling a fake. the thought of another vulnerable buyer getting tricked into her scams just irks me!
  5. It is absolutely terrible, there are so many fake Chanels where I live it is disgusting...I only own Chanel makeup but I have my eye on some bags when I save the $...anyway...I am just very brand conscious and try to be knowledgeable even if I don't own anything by the brand because I love them anyway!
    It is VERY scary for designer handbag owners...
    I mean even Hermes is getting faked well enough to fake out an SA at the first once over.
  6. That's why I am buying Chanel from neither consignments nor eBay. I rather spend my dough at Chane's, Saks, NM and sleep soundly at night. Fake brandnames have been reported for supplying Gang activities and terrorism. Think twice before buying any fake and think that you can save money impressing and fooling others.
  7. story of my life.:sweatdrop:

  8. I saw this auction and it made me MAD! The item was obviously fake. The serial number was exactly the same as another fake bag on ebay. Yet both auctions had active bidders.

    I thought Vero was supposed to catch these things. So disappointing...
  9. I wonder if anyone has ever bought a real Chanel and returned a fake one back to the store, got a refund and kept the real one for themselves? This worries me because then there would be a fake in a store that sells authentic bags which could be bought by an unsuspecting customer, or do you think the SAs are good at spotting fakes and watch out for this sort of thing? It would put my mind at rest to know they did!
  10. happened to my cousin at Bloomingdales- with FENDI though.. She had receipt and everything..turns out the strap broke and she took it back to have it repaired- less than 4 months...They called Security on her and we were escorted out the store...ah..she pitched an awful fit and this was at least 7 or 8 years I am sure all stores are up on there game now..
  11. The risk of fakes is one of the reasons I don't think I will ever purchase off of ebay. I would rather purchase from a boutique or NM, Saks etc and know I am getting an authentic item.
  12. Scary but I could see it happen. The only experience I have with Chanel return was for a white jumbo. The SA process my return and almost forget to look at the bag! She then proceed to open the box and GLANCE for maybe a second and that was it :nogood:. I make a mental note not to buy from that store in the future.
  13. Do authentic CHANEL bags come with dust covers? :supacool:
  14. oh wow that's insane that's my biggest fear actually...:sad:
  15. Yes, the current Chanel dust bags are black with "CHANEL" written in white font. The same font that they use on the boxes and the bags.

    The dead give away dustbags have the font totally wrong. I don't know why they spend so long copying the style of bags so well (the higher "quality" replicas), but can't get something like a dustbag right. Well, that's a good thing I guess.