Chanel Clothing

  1. I don't live near a boutique, and there isn't any online access to chanel's clothing lines besides their limited website. What I'm wondering is, does Chanel make any casual/summer clothing? If so, what is the price range? I would kill for some funky chanel clothes for this summer!
  2. I hate to say but the only online place where I have seen clothes is ebay, but the problem is most sellers will not accept returns. asecondchanceresale[​IMG] sells authentic Chanel clothes, but its a hit or miss so you kinda have to keep your eye out. Her prices are kinda on the expensive side, but it is authentic and probably double if you bought it from the boutique.
  3. Thanks for the link! I love those Chanel sandals (first item she has listed) :heart:
  4. Have you looked in any high-end consignment stores in your area? There is one store where I live that has a rack of Chanel stuff and they're priced anywhere from $4-800. Some are current and cute (hence more pricey), and some are a bit too dated unless you can somehow rock it. Chanel does make sportswear, and the resort season stuff tends to be breezy and casual.
  5. there aren't any consignment stores in pittsburgh, I hate it here!
  6. Your welcome - I just bought a cambon wallet from the seller. I should be receiving it today. :P
  7. Ahh, that's too bad, if you can make it to DC there is a consignment store named Secondi in Dupont Circle that only sell high end designer clothes and they have to be less than 2 years old (but I have seen older stuff in the store). I actually have consigned with them. They have also been written up and been on the news because of the great buys. I have spotted Chanel clothes many of times, but you have to be fast and not hesitate.

    There was a Chanel sweater I saw, but just could not make up my mind if I wanted to spend the money. I decided to get the sweater, and went to the store the next day, and it was already gone:sad:
  8. Michele....Thank You So Much!!! She Has Such Beautiful Pieces!!! :smile:
  9. wow, i never knew this plce existed. what are the prices like? next time i'm in dc i am definately going to check it out.
  10. me either and I work in Dupont Circle! Any idea if they carry men's?

    Thanks for the info...have you tried the fussy lady down off of McArthur Blvd?
  11. Its right on Connecticut Ave . They dont carry mens anymore :sad: I haven't tried the fussy lady - do you like?

    Here is the link
  12. The prices are not that bad. Plus they mark down the clothes 25% if they are still sitting the first month, and I believe 50% if two months. I think after two-three months they are donated. They also have seasonal sales. I have picked up some very nice items

    Check out the link