Chanel clip-on earrings

  1. I have some Chanel clip-on earrings and they really bug me after a couple of hours. Anyone else have this problem? I have pierced ears but I fell in love with the style of these and I'm just wondering if it will get better with time.
  2. sorry, i can't help you. i have never tried on clip earrings. i have pierced and really have never worn anything other than the size of studs. i find that they weigh my ears down me ears are so sensitive.
  3. You can try those cushions that you add to the backs, but I had to stop wearing clip ons since I find they never stop hurting. :sad:
  4. yeah i know they never stop hurting... my fav are clip ons and i never realized they hurt until now...
    even with the cushions
  5. Well at least I can get the cushions, I'll look for those.
  6. i have one pair of clip on and they do hurt. Although they look lovely, i will have to take them on and off after about 15 minutes of wearing.