Chanel Classic Vs. Jumbo


Oct 24, 2008
Hello everyone,
For me this sound very silly and ridiculous, but I am going to say it just to find out your opinion, you are the chanel expert... I was dreaming to have my 1st chanel bag and since it is the first I was thinking to get the classic flap to wear it is special occasion and parties...

I was invited to a party with my best friend, and I was looking my best wearing my first and chanel classic caviar bag, while she wears the lambskin jumbo. Nothing was wrong here until she told me " you should not bought the chanel classic bag, it is very small and people "Respect you" if you have the jumbo more "... OMG! I was so upset with her comment and it makes me nervous...

I only want your opinion guys wither you are agrees with here or not...


La vie en rose.
Apr 25, 2007
First of all, are you sure she's your friend? Because she sounds mean.

IMO, there is nothing wrong or inferior with any of the sizes. It is just a matter of personal preference and lifestyle - whether you carry a few things (which can fit into the M/L or Small size) or a lot of things (where you might need the Jumbo)... Or whether you use it for more formal occasions (in which case an M/L or Small is more appropriate) or as a day bag (where Jumbo would be more practical).

And I definitely don't think one should own a bag (in any size or form) to gain respect. It should come from how you treat people and being respectful yourself.

Please do not get upset. You did nothing wrong. If you are really happy with your bag, then there is no need to hear from people telling you otherwise. Buy what makes you happy and not what others think is "popular".

Time for hugs now :hugs:


Nov 2, 2009
I always thought the larger sized Chanels were rather ugly.

The smaller sizes tend to fit the design better and are aesthetically more pleasing, whereas the larger sized ones such as the jumbo tend to look like a comically designed briefcase attached to a chain strap.

Jing Ling

Nov 13, 2009
SparklePurse, do you mean your friend said that if you want to get Chanel classic flap, you have to buy at least the jumbo-size so people will respect you ? So is she discouraged you to get smaller size (small and medium) ? If it’s so, I really do not get your friend’s point. The size IS NOT a measurement of wealth. It is a personal preference. In addition, the price difference between medium and jumbo is not much. Based on this thread

Medium USD 2,425.00
Jumbo USD 2,625.00

Medium USD 2,695.00
Jumbo USD 2,875.00


Oct 24, 2008
Thanks to all buterfly :kiss:

I was having doubt about here friendship long time before

that's exactly what I am thinking about, I don't seek people respect for what I have, I want people to respects me for the way I behave and the way I treat them.

Thanks to you monkeypie and Jing Ling.... I really don't know what she was thinking about... I was surprise with the way she turned to be such materialistic , and wither I am wealthy or not this is not what people should concern about.


Nov 4, 2007
Sweetie I dont she treats you as her best friend!! You carry a bag because you like the way it looks and not to gain 'respect'. Like you said 'respect' is not what you have but who you are as a person. Anyway the small classic Chanel bag is more suitable for a party than the jumbo! You have more sense of style than she does maybe she is jealous of you and your bag!!!
Thats not a nice thing for your friend to say. Do not let her bother you... Just like all the ladies said here, do what makes you happy. People should buy things because it makes them happy and NOT to gain the respect nor adoration from others. If that is that case, then maybe your friend doesn't live for herself but for others. Then maybe one should wonder if she is truly happy. Maybe she is jealous of you... you know how others behave when they are green with envy and have low self esteem, they usually say mean things to people around them in expense to make themselves feel good about themselves.

Enjoy your Chanel, no matter what size it is... wear it with pride and be proud. XOXO