Chanel Classic Red Lambskin Flap or...

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If you can only own one RED flap, you will pick....

  1. Perfo Chanel Flap

  2. Classic Lambskin Flap

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. If you can only have one red flap, which one would you rather keep? :hysteric:(Assuming they are both the same size, with the same HW/style of chain)
    1.) Red Perfo Chanel Flap
    2.) Red Classic lambskin Flap
    new-chanel_003.jpg 1.jpg
  2. The first one. HANDS DOWN. The second one isnt even a flap. It looks like a cosmetic case.
  3. The left bag by far.. my red flap of choice would be a vintage jumbo lambskin w/ silver hardware. I don't even know they had silver hardware a couple of years ago? That is my dream bag. :smile:
  4. I dont think that is a vintage flap. Its a new one.
  5. the red classic flap 4 sure. But i can't see both pics.
  6. Red lambskin assuming it is the jumbo (which I'm getting from only 1 photo.) I hated the perf. line. The red lambskin is a true classic and highly coveted!
  7. Love the 1st one!
  8. The left one hands-down!!.....I'm drooling just from looking at it! While the shade of red on the perforated bag is a gorgeous bright shade, the perforation makes it way too trendy (and I think also harder to maintain over time as it's more porous).
  9. The one on the left for SURE. Definately like the newer darker shades of red. :tup:
  10. Both are nice, can i take both?
  11. the classic lambskin red color is beautiful!
  12. Lambskin!
  13. hands down for lambskin.. i wonder where could I get that...its gorgeous!
  14. One word: Lambskin!

    I think the perforated is cute, but I think the holes make it look a bit band-aidy, and the regular lambskin seems more classic. But that's just me!
  15. Definitely classic lambskin red flap~~