chanel classic - mini size

  1. Do any of you guys own the chanel classic in a MINI size?

    I'm considering buying one. what do u use them for?
  2. i was thinking about buying one too...for when i go to concerts...out shopping and i don't want to tote around a big ole bag..someone bought one a few days ago...try doing a search. Hope this helps!
  3. Can you post a pic? Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen the mini size yet...
  4. Here's a pic of mine.
    I love it!
    I actually use it a lot - shopping, dinner, etc.

  5. oh my, the mini is soo cute! I saw a pink one before price hike at Saks, but i like the black much better!
  6. I have a mini ! i usually use it at night for parties and such.. it fits my phone, a camera, a small comb and a lipstick..
  7. This bag is so cute.. I'm regret I didnt buy it when i was in Bangkok..
    No chanel boutque in indo though.. :crybaby:
  8. miffy,

    actually what you have shown is the small classic flap. not the mini
  9. I have a mini. I use it when I go to the casino and when I need to be hands free for dealing with two kids.
  10. hmmm... are you sure?
    I thought the small was like 9" wide (medium is 10" I think). Mine's ALOT smaller. And it was only like $1150 or so for the lambskin.

    I think most refer to my size as the mini.
    I have seen pics of really teeny ones though - are you looking for those?
  11. I believe the mini is 6x3. Don't have the width, just length and height. Definitely a tiny cutie.
  12. im wearing mine now, i have to get my pics back on cd (my digital cam broke so i snapped some with my throwaway( so i can show yall what i fit in mine, i love it i get in my coach mini skinni wallet, small lip gloss and phone, and it fits great under my coat.
  13. I have the mini in pink.. its so cute and tiny but i dunno when to use it. lol. :p:p she's still sitting in my wardrobe stoning away.
  14. Oh so cute!!! I want one! How much is it for that size?

    O:huh:OOOoooohhhhhhhHHHhhhh... PINK sounds FAB!!!

    Happy to take that little pink number off your hands happie... LOL!
  15. ı found some minies
    but i dont understand those bags can be fake????????????????