Chanel Classic Med Patent Black - any patent problems with it?

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  1. I'm considering the Medium Classic Flap in black patent. Any problems with the patent or the patent leather in the chain?
  2. Well I bought a maxi in patent and it already had a cut in the leather that goes through the chain. So Chanel replaced it but this one has 2 cuts in different parts. The bags beautiful, its just the chain that's slightly damaged.

    I don't know if its just bad luck or if this is something that happens regularly.
  3. Very very upsetting to spend that much money and have that aggravation. I want the 2.55 one but Karl conveniently took out the bottom structure. At $3700 I'm very leary about it. Thanks for advising me. Did you just purchase this...I heard others have had this problem.
  4. i was wondering about stickiness in the summer, color transfer, etc.
  5. Yes apparantly other people have had the same problem but not sure if there's happened after a while, not that I'm saying its ok for it to happen after afew months or even years but I'm just saying that mine was brand new when I saw this on the leather.

    This has been going on since the end of august when I bought it from Hawaii. I've been given the option for a refund or they can try and get me another bag. I'm not sure what to do because I love this bag :sad: but then it will probably be the same again.
  6. rivers girl do you mind taking a picture of the cut??? i'm having a difficult time imagining it in my head.. and would like to see what it looks like.. so i can inspect my patent bag too. TIA!!
  7. Honestly, patent leather should not be bent and forced through the chain. It would make more sense to have used the bijoux chain. I heard about this happening a few years ago...I would like to know who's in charge of quality control here.

    I wanted to get a patent and now do not know what to do. Plus there doesn't seem to be structure in the 2.55 patent ... maybe you should exchange it for a caviar. Do you like the 2.55 reissue patents...that's an option. I'm trying to find out if they keep their shape. You would get the bijoux chain which would elimiate the problem of the patent folded through the chain. Or I would get another bag.

    Awful. You must be heartbroken.
  8. Hi, sorry I have taken photos but it doesn't show too well. I don't know if its a bad camera or the lighting but will try to take more.
    All I can say is its similiar to this post 'Almost in tears at Chanel; Need Your Help Patent Owners' I think it was started by jmen. There's another topic regarding this, so the photos might be on that one.
    Sorry I'm knew here and only just getting used to all this :smile:
  9. I bought the classic medium patent and it's held up so far. I don't use it very much though. I'll be really babying that bag from now on.
  10. I had two jumbo patents: one is perfect and the other had cracks on the strap. I returned the one with the cracks and kept the perfect one, and so far, it is still perfect.
  11. I've had a medium Black patent classic bag for three years. I use it every two months or so and haven't had any problems.
  12. i love patent.... i bought a blue patent lipstick purse last year, it feels as soft as the lambskin but only takes a wet tissue to clean it :smile:
  13. What's a lipstick purse? Never heard of it. Post a photo.