Chanel classic jumbo side sagging!! Help please!!

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  1. My beautiful pre-loved Chanel which I have had for 6 months is slightly sagging on the left side of the bag, I have attached some pics for u guys to see for yourself.

    I knew the bag had this issue when I purchased it and I just wanted to know whether anyone has any helpful tips on how I can fix this or make it a little better.

    Also, if anyone sent their bag for repair at Chanel and how much this would cost.

    I make sure to never overstuff the bag, I'm very careful with how I put my things in there (photo attached) and how I store it when I'm not using it.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463131196.985104.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463131223.254803.jpg


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  2. Oh I see what you mean, I would run to the Chanel store and speak to the Repair manager and see if he can send it to get reinforced on the sides..

    How long have you had your bag? If they say they cant fix it I would ask them for the name of their repair shop so that you can go directly to them.

    Best of luck
  3. The bag itself is from 2007, and I've had it now for 6 months total. The bag is also in beautiful condition except for the side sagging a bit. I am going to London this weekend so I will visit the Chanel boutique and ask them about repair options!

    Thanks mmaya.
  4. Your so welcome, let me know what they say..
  5. Love this color

  6. Thanks missie1!! I absolutely adore this color, especially since I heard Chanel no longer makes this tan color anymore ( not sure how true this is).

  7. So I just got back from London and the staff were so sweet in the Bond street boutique they offered to get a reinforcement stitch however I would need to leave it at the London boutique and I live in Holland at the moment so I couldn't do that!! However I was told that it is natural for the bag to start to sag after some time and seeing as the bag is from 2007 they told me I should be ecstatic it has held up so well this far with just this minor issue. So now I'm thinking I'm just going to leave the bag as is.
  8. Are u in the states? If so, leather surgeons is where Chanel sends their bags for repair. If overseas then I would start at your nearest Chanel boutique.
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  9. I currently live in The Netherlands but I am moving to NYC in July so I will pass by the Chanel boutique there to ask about my options. Thanks so much for the info about the leather surgeons, it's very handy to know.
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  11. My understanding is that chanel is no longer repairing bags 5 years or older, or without proof of purchase in the US.
  12. Hope you get it fixed. I have read that single flap jumbos tend to sag. Then came the double flap. I know they were lighter in weight but do not feel it when on my shoulder at all. If you prefer structured bags stick with the double flaps in larger sizes.:smile:
  13. The bag is over 5 years old...I don't think Chanel will repair it. See what they say first and if they refuse, just go straight to Leather Surgeons.
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