Chanel classic jumbo bag

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  1. I understand all stores have sold out of the Chanel classic jumbo bags. I spoke to Damian at the Saks store in Phila. and he was saying some of his customers told him about a store either in or near Manhattan that sells authentic Chanel bags at a discounted price. He said the name was something like Hirsch and Pfizer. I googled it to death and only came up with drug companies. Does anyone have any idea what he is talking about and how we can all get this information?
  2. Hirshleifers?

    If so, it is not a discount Chanel store. It is a department store just like Saks.
  3. hirshleifers you mean. They had some sale Chanel a while back. I doubt that anything good is left.
  4. Where is hirschleifers located in Manhattan?
  5. hirshleifers is anything but a discount chanel store. they may have sales but it is particularly high end goods that they sell. it is a stand alone dept store on long island. penney is fantastic. i just wonder how looking for classic jumbo that you cannot find and discounted price go together? in any case i like dealing with hirshleifers. hopefully they have what you want/need :smile: but it probably will not be at a discount unfortunately. good luck
  6. It is a department store.