Chanel classic flaps in CAVIAR

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  1. Hello Chanel girls, remember me??? Long time, no see. :heart:

    I popped in to ask a question, which I hope is not redundant...

    I've never seen a caviar classic flap in person. I would like to buy one for everyday use, but perhaps this isn't feasible. Is the interior leather (just like the lambskin classic flaps), making it impossible to carry keys?

    Also, anyone know the cost of these?

    Many thanks!
  2. I put all my keys in LV cles before putting them into Chanel bags, so that it would not scratch the interior leather.

    If you really want a flap, you may want to get them now since some TPFers heard from Chanel SAs that the price for flaps is going up in a couple of weeks.

    Currently medium/large caviar is $1995; and jumbo is $2250.

    You can find more info in the Chanel reference library.

    Good luck with your choice and let us know what you get.
  3. I carry my keys in my caviar flap all the time with no issues.
  4. Oh I may be going States in Oct. The prices are increasing? :sad:
  5. Sorry, by the way, yup, put keys in another pouch then in classic flap. :smile: It is leather inside if I recall correctly, am pretty sure :smile:
  6. I haven't seen you for ages....where have you been? welcome back.
    I have no problem with my key in my bag at all. Maybe invest in a keycase if you concerned.
    I love the classic flap...maybe wait for next season more yummy colours.
  7. Hey IntlSet! welcome back, we've missed you around here :flowers:
    The leather interior of the caviar flaps are fairly hardy IMO, i don't own a lambskin classic flap so i'm not sure if they're the same, but i have no problems at all carrying my keys in my caviar flaps.
    As for prices, i can't keep track anymore! All i know is if you're after a jumbo caviar classic flap, they're currently $2250 but set to increase in price soon!
  8. i put my keys in a mini-resealable plastic bag, just to make sure they dont scratch. hope this helps :smile:
  9. I have the caviar flap and always put my keyes in there, I have never had a problem.
  10. gosh I just throw mine in - never had any issues and I am pretty anal about my bags
  11. i have to admit, with some of my caviar classics, i'm not so careful--they're pretty darn durable!
  12. Umm, wow, I am really shocked that some of you ladies just throw your keys in and have no problems. I am the LEAST ANAL of anyone with my bags. I throw my Chanel bags around the same as I do my LL Bean tote.

    However, the one or two occasions I tossed my keys into my 2.55, the interior got scratched up to the point that the burgundy coloring was scratched away from reveal the natural color of the leather. It's very noticeable. I guess I must have aggressively sharp keys compared to the rest of you...
  13. Hey there! I put my key in my caviar all the time. I guess I just never thought about scratching the leather. But caviar is pretty tough, I have never had a problem and I have 3 caviar bags.
  14. Annie, my Luxury flap is lined in leather and I've never noticed any wear inside from my keys:nogood:
  15. So, far I have had no problems either, but I do think about it when I put them in and take them out. I am careful not to drag the keys along interior leather. But I am not a fanatic about it.:nuts: hehehe.