chanel classic flap

  1. hi, i'm new to this forum.

    i know there'll be a price increase on feb.1st, i had my heart set on a jumbo classic flap in blk caviar w/ gold hardware, unforutnately, there is none in canada, however, the silver is available, but i don't think i will nearly get as much use out of the silver as i would w/ gold...should i buy the silver, just to save a couple hundred dollars? if i don't buy it before the price increase, i think i'm likely to abandone my purchase altogether...what are your thoughts ladies?
    and also, can someone confirm if selected styles are going to have the price increase, or will all of the classic chanels, including cambon all have their prices increased? thanks
  2. takeoutbox, personally i would try to hold out for the h/w that works the best for you. a couple hundred dollars on such an expensive bag isn't nearly that bad if you end up using the bag alot- think of it as a cost per wear sorta thing! however, if that amount is going to make you not purchase at all, my motto is any chanel bag is better than none! :yes:
  3. Welcome takeoutbox(gosh i love ur name!)! Stick to what your heart says, especially Chanel, for it's price tag, you better be 100% than kept wondering 'what if, should've, could've' down the road, know what i mean?

    If you are willing to purchase from USA, your chance can be significantly higher. good luck!
  4. YOu should see if you can find one in the US. I know your customs fees will be expensive, but isn't the GST pretty hefty anyway?
  5. takeout...the classic flap in caviar is pretty close to the cost of the MC flap I recently got shipped to me from the US. I live in Alberta, so I paid a little over $200CDN on customs and $90CDN on shipping. Hope you can find what you want!
  6. Having to pay customs on top of an already expensive bag is a pain. But if you can get it before the increase in the US you will just about even out in the end. So give it a try!
  7. thanks ladies for your advises. so if i can manage to find a boutique in the U.S. that has what i want, they will ship it to me? how do i go about finding it? is there a 1800# that i can call?
  8. yes, that is what i want...but i have no experience buying from eBay. :sad:
  9. can go to CHANEL and find the number from there. Or you can try calling Chanel boutique at Bellagio (Vegas). The number is (702) 765-5505.
  10. Bought the exact same bag Jumbo flap gold hardware yesterday at Chanel Houston. Has to be shipped from wherever but they have it. Also obtainable from Neiman Marcus Houston. The gold is much nicer with the black, IMO.
  11. I asked my SA in Boca Raton whether the price increase was across the board. She indicated that it was probably for new style and new inventory. Any questions, call Sabrina at 1.561.417.5151.

    P.S. I got a blush patent jumbo and will be picking it up tomorrow--can't wait! I kept my promise to myself--no new black bags.
  12. <was with Maxaluna when she got the blush Jumbo............its stunning, omg, the color is like the inside of a seashell................goes with everything, very unique, i may:idea: steal it from her and transport it across the border (of my house) lolol
  13. If you have your heart set on gold, then I would hold out for that... it's a pain to try to sell later and you might not break even on in. That being said, I would totally look at ordering from the US - their selection is much better than ours.
  14. Just curious as to why you think you won't get as much use with the silver ??:confused1: I have the silver one and I absolutely LOVE it:love: :love: :love: I actually don't like the gold....something about the silver... I don't know;)
    But of course we are all different and have different tastes. If you don't like it as much as the gold, then definitely hold out.

    I know you said you have no eBay experience, but that is a great price and the seller only sells authentic !!:yes: If you can, set up an e bay account and contact that seller. You can even direct her to this thread to she can see that even though you are a new e bayer you are serious about buying the bag, kwim ??:smile: