Chanel Classic Flap

  1. Hi Chanel Lovers!

    So i'm not really up to date with the Chanel styles/colors recently available in the boutique since i've been diving in the Hermes stores.

    However, i've seen very pretty patent colors of Chanel classic flap.. can u please let me know what colors the classic flap came in recently?? TIA! :flowers:
  2. i've seen white, black, navy, blush in patent classic flap.
  3. where did you see the blush?? A chanel boutique?? I know NM carries blush but I can't shop at NM, I am hoping either chanel boutiques or Saks 5th have the blush color!!
  4. I already have black and white.... so navy and blush.. silver or gold hardware??
  5. so appearantly my local boutique received black and white ONLY.. how retarded!!!

    so now i have to figure out away to get these lovely bags!!
  6. I prefer silver hardware! Your Chanel collection is amazing! :love:
  7. Hi--I got the classic flap in bordeaux crackled patent and I love it!
  8. HI, just wondering how much is the medium classic patent bag in blush?
  9. leem.. you're so lucky!! Did you post a picture of it??

    Ishino.. i'm not sure really.. maybe another member will tell us!

  10. The exact one in Nemian Marcus was marked $1780