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  1. for chanel classic flap(caviar black) what size is practical???
  2. A few things to think about would be if you want to use the bag all of the time, i.e. day and night, also how much stuff you normally carry. You can rest assured of the varying opinions re: size preference. Some like the Jumbo size while others like the med/large size.

    Here's a link to compare the sizes of the bags with the measurements.
  3. i prefer medium/large, jumbo is too big on me.
  4. The jumbo holds more if it is going to be an everyday bag. Medium can transition from day to night. It may depend on how tall you are also. I am 5'6" and I love the jumbo, it's not too big IMO.
  5. It may depend on how much stuff you like to carry with you.
    when I was younger I carried practically everything but the kitchen sink ..hence jumbo.
    Now I just carry my wallet, cell phone, keys and lipstick so the medium is size is great.
    Guess I don't need as much "stuff" on my old age :nuts:
  6. I just got my classic jumbo and I' m loving it!!! Not too big for - I am 5'5".
  7. JUMBO!!!!!! I just got one recently and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it
  8. The size is dependent on the individual - what is practical for me may not work for you.....go and try it out if you can. I started out loving the medium/large, but now the jumbo is much more practical for all the stuff I lug around in my bag LOL!!!
  9. I have a myriad of sizes, but I would say the bigger the better. IMO, the jumbo is great for a day-to-day basis, and the med/large (in lambskin esp) is great for evening dinners. :yes:
  10. I agree with the last post. Some people can make the m/l work for day, but not me. I need something bigger. Then, for a nicer evening out, I prefer the smaller bag.
  11. There are a ton of threads on this subject. I should know, I read all of them before making my decision! I went into the store thinking, "Jumbo for me!" after seeing it on many of the lovely ladies here.

    However, I walked out with a medium/large. It's a very personal taste kinda thing. For me, I chose the m/l because 1) visually I found it to look more elegant and feminine chic for my frame. I am 5'4 and petite. 2) I don't carry a ton of things on a daily basis and 3) I like that it can be a day and evening bag.

    Not that I depend on my hubby to choose my bags, but when I posed with the question "medium vs. jumbo" to my DH, he said, "Oh, the smaller one. It looks much more flattering on your figure. The large one is a bit bulky, no?".

    So for me, the jumbo flap is gorgeous (and looks awesome on taller women) but I'll keep my Chanels to the medium size and get a different brand or Chanel model as my larger bags.
  12. I'm petite (read: tiny) so I would go for the Medium/Large...
  13. this thread is 2 years old. . . pretty sure the OP has either decided which size or chosen another bag! LOL!
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