Chanel Classic Flap

  1. Hello ladies, I am hoping for some Chanel advice.

    I've been looking at the Chanel Classic Flaps lately and the line is appealing more and more to me each day.
    Can someone fill me in on the three different sizes (dimensions and functionality included), along with the prices for each one of the sizes?

    Two more questions..
    1. I'm 23 and my mom thinks the classic flap is too "old lady like" for my age. She suggests I stick with the cambon line. What are your opinions? Buy or don't buy?

    2. If not the classic flap I'm looking through and highly intrigued by the Fendi Spy in either honey or white. Venture to another brand or stay with my beloved Chanel??:blink:

    ADVICE PLEASE!!! Thanks much:biggrin:
  2. I don't think the classic flap is old-lady-like at all. I suggest you go try them on. They are beautiful.:love:
  3. I'm not a Chanel expert.... But I believe that the caviar leather jumbo flap runs about $1595.

    This thread might give you some more information--I didn't have time to scroll through the entire post...

    Personally, I think the Cambon line is cute, but a little too trendy and young. When you're in your late 20's/early 30's you may not be as enamored with it, whereas I think the flap would work for the rest of your life.
  4. Stay with Chanel!!!!! I love classic flap bags even thought they don't really suit my lifestyle.

    Medium Flap is $1495 and Large is $1595. Those are the only ones I looked at when I was at the boutique.

    Flap bags are NOT old-lady looking. They are fab for any age!!!!
  5. Are the prices for the lambskin and caviar different?

    I really like the lambskin but have heard so many horrid stories.. I don't want it to get dirty within the first week..

    Also, is there a huge difference in sizes between the medium and large? The price difference is so small..
  6. medium caviar is 1475 and medium lambskin is 1650. i saw a display lambskin at the chanel south coast plaza. it was in very bad condition, you see all the scratches and really worn out. i think the medium better for people under 5'3". large looks too big.
  7. pink_bai2bi- Wow! Such exquisite taste for a young lady:smile: I remember when I was your age I loved Chanel too! My first Chanel bag was the black lambskin classic flap. I have only carried it a handful of times, then I went ahead and purchased the Black Caviar Classic Flap and find myself carrying that more. I'm so afraid of ruining my lambskin one. My advice is the caviar if you plan on carrying this bag out, a lot easier to care for. I'm 5'2 so the medium size is perfect, large size would be too big for me. The Chanel Classic flap handbags are timeless in my opinion and if you decide on The Fendi Spy, you can't go wrong either. I have the dark chocolate and I love that bag too!! By the way, if you need a bag that you can carry lots of stuff in, the spy would be more wise. I can barely fit anything in the Chanel. Good luck darling!!
  8. I dont think its old lady looking at all. I am 22 years old and I own a few chanels including the medium black classic flap in caviar....wear what you like and you shouldnt listen to what others have to say
  9. Classic Flap, old lady-ish??? No way! Take a look at the re-issue's with that yummy distressed leather and the exquisite chain's a stunning, classic and chic bag that works perfectly with almost any outfit. I've got the medium grey with silver chain and it's a favorite bag of mine. It works for ALL ages.....:heart:
  10. There's only a €10 difference between the caviar and lambskin here in Holland. The lambskin whilst beautiful just looks a little too fragile for me.

    I agree with everyone above, the Classic Flap is not too old for you! It's such a beautiful bag! *sigh* on my list too!
  11. The cambon line is what made me fall in love with Chanel. I have quickly graduated to the classic flaps and just bought a reissue! I never would have thought I'd love the more classic looking bags, but I really do now. Now I use my cambon bags as my casual bags becuase they seem sportier.
  12. i have both. i use and love my caviar classic flap becuase its just so durable and beautiful! it's classic and will never go out of style. the bowling bag is very sporty and young, but i'm 22, so don't think that age matters. celebs in their 20s carry the classic flap. if u want to use it for everyday, u may need the jumbo jumbo so it can carry more though :smile:
  13. I agree, I think carrying a classic Chanel 'flap' bag brings elegance to anyone! I really enjoy the caviar leather more then anything.
  14. Yes, prices for the lambskin are different than caviar.

    The classic flap is a very classic bag that will always be on style. I carry it every day :P And no, its not "old-like". I think it is very stylish because its so classic!

    Ummmmm well, I personally love Chanel more than Fendi, but ultimately, you have to go with something that you think you will use more and like more
  15. Okay, I'm pretty much set on Chanel..

    What would you ladies say to black vs. white? (I'm leaning towards the medium caviar) as some of you have suggested would be more appropriate for my height (5'1) and material (since it'll be my first classic).