Chanel Classic Flap VS. Louis Vutton Speedy

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  1. Hi everyone! This is my first time posting but I've been lurking for the past few months to find the perfect bag, and I know now with posting, I could get everyone's opinion.

    I am not so much a "collector" as a "perfectionist". And I am now stuck between two bags. The Chanel Classic Flap or the Louis Vutton Speedy. Both sizes are currently undetermined, but I'm aiming for a medium/large. I would like not to have to "baby" my bags (Lambskin option is out the window! LOL!) yet for the bag to still retain value. I am also open to other bags, however, I have no found anything as a timeless classic as these two.

    All and any help is appreciated! : )
  2. depends on how much you want to spend. a classic flap probably costs three time as much as a speedy :hrmm:. i think the speedy is more casual and can be used every day, even when you're dressed down. meanwhile, the chanel is more dressy/classy . you should probably get both at some point in your life!
  3. I love my epi leather speedy for a hand held, do you prefer shoulder carried or?
  4. Chanel.
  5. Chanel :biggrin:
  6. The Chanel will be more versatile (can be shoulder carried) and will retain its value better. It costs a lot more than the speedy though.
  7. Chanel!! that's such a beautiful bag.

    but i am not a fan of the speedy at all, so i'm biased.
  8. The price point isn't a concern, luckily. But my only concern is how is the Chanel Caviar in terms of maintenance?

    Again, I don't really want to "baby" my bag.
  9. speedy!
  10. I have both and use my chanel classic flap way more than my speedy. I'd go with chanel!
  11. Flap. you can carry it on your shoulder.
  12. I first bought my LV Speedy and eventually received the Chanel flap as a gift.

    Speedy upkeep is minimal, an occasional wipe down is all it requires. The Chanel is much more precious, and sometimes I feel out of place using it.

    Speedy has lots more room, the Chanel I need to sort of think about how I'm putting things in there.

    I don't feel as comfortable with setting down my Chanel as I do my Speedy in public places.

    Guess what, the Chanel flap is still the "holy grail" of all my bags but the Speedy is my workhorse of the two.
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  13. I prefer the Speedy, even if price is not an issue. There are other chanel bags I like better than the flap.
  14. chanel is forever classic..:tup:
  15. I have both bags and love the both. My Chanel Jumbo flap ismy favorite bag ever though. It's quite an investment though, so perhaps a Speedy would be a good place to start and you can safe for a flap?