Chanel Classic Flap or My Lady Dior

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  1. Based on this on the fact that you would still be pining after the Chanel flap even if you bought the My Lady Dior, then I would buy the Chanel flap. Both are fantastic bags and possibly in time, you could get both--maybe you can get the Dior pre-loved.

    For now, if I were you I would go for the Chanel flap.
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  2. I have both and imo the My Lady Dior is dressier than any of my Chanels and it 's not easy to combine it with daily outfits. I would definitely get the Chanel flap first! :smile:
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  3. Agree with silver squirrel about lady Dior being dressier than the Chanel classic flap. Perhaps because mine is black with GHW. I adore both bags but my heart sings a little more when I wear the lady Dior bag. Also don’t sweat too much on the resale value- you will enjoy either bags many years to come. Keep us posted on which one you end up choosing.
  4. I would go for Chanel, the lady Dior was never my cup of tea. However my suggestion is to forget all the pros/con factors especially resale value and only consider whether it’s practical for YOUR lifestyle and whether you’re willing to part all that money for 1 bag or something else...(or multiple bags)

    It’s interesting how everyone is talking about resell/preloved market, 5-10 years from now I would imagine a lot more people able to afford new items and less willing to buy vintage especially when they’re only 1-2k cheaper than retail, talking about resale value would make you too anxious to use the bag.
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  5. I agree with happy27! I don’t plan on selling my Chanel bags so resale value is less important ten years, will I still be obsessed with the bag? If I haven’t purchased it within 5-10 years, will I be priced out of the market? It’s barely palatable purchasing a flap for its current price, but in 10 years I will not be able to justify spending $10,000. In this respect, the Chanel is a better choice now.
  6. I'm a bit biased, but I say go for the Chanel because the prices are increasing at a ridiculous rate and CF bags are so beautiful.

    But what matters most is have you tried both bags on at the store? A flap opening is not to everyones liking, and a lot of people do not care for the opening on the lady dior. They're both beautiful bags and you can't go wrong with either of them, but you need to consider where you plan on wearing the bags, what you need to fit in them, and how convenient they are for you and your lifestyle.

    I do think it seems like your heart is leaning more towards the Chanel, but that could just be that silly bias talking :smile:
  7. The Lady Dior can either have a zipper opening or a flap opening. The zipper opening is a pita to get into. The flap opening while much easier to get into, is not very secure as the flap doesn’t have a clasp but simply tucks into the inside of the bag. Over time, depending on what leather was used for the flap, the flap can start to sag which can look a bit unsightly. I happen to own both types of Lady Dior and while I use and enjoy them and think they are beautiful bags, the zipper or flap openings are not the best arrangement. I also have a Chanel flap bag and find it is easier to get into than the zipper Lady Dior but not as easy access as the flap Lady Dior but more secure if that is something that matters to you.
  8. I have both of these two bags. I prefer the classic flap but I also like my lady dior. Interestingly I use my lady dior more often than the CF. IMG_1144.JPG
  9. Chanel! I made the mistake of buying several other designer bags (YSL, Valentino) thinking it would be a good substitute for the flap bag, but in the end, I ended up getting my dream Chanel flap. I say bite the bullet now and get it (plus who knows what the price increase will be in the future).
  10. get the chanel. the dior loses its value as soon as you drive it off the lot. wait for the huge discount on a trusted pre-loved site for the dior.