Chanel Classic Flap or My Lady Dior

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  1. I am currently having a dilemma over which bag to purchase. Pros and cons below mainly relate to my circumstances:

    a) Chanel Classic Flap in Caviar (Black)
    - Classic and iconic bag
    - Women’s dream bag
    - Good resale value
    - Always a fan of Chanel
    - May not be able to afford it in the future if I do not get it now

    - May be slightly too dressy as I am looking for a more casual bag (I have the YSL Kate in gold hardware - though they are of different level, I foresee I would use them for similar purpose)

    b) My lady Dior (Preferably pastel colour)
    - Love at first sight with the design of this bag with the pins
    - Looking for a more casual bag and after trying the pastel colours, I think it looks casual yet luxurious enough at the same time
    - Slightly more wallet friendly
    - One of my wish list

    - Less resale value
    - Would still be pining for Chanel classic flap after purchasing this
    - Have read that the opening is not as user friendly compared to Chanel flap

    I owned one Chanel Boy in Black with RHW hardware and while this is also a casual bag for me, I would really want to have a pastel coloured bag. Have considered getting the beige Chanel instead, but if I am getting the classic Chanel, am thinking I should be getting the most classic combo. I would say my heart is leaning towards Dior, but how I could I say no to Chanel when I may not be able to afford this anymore in the future?

    Appreciate your advises :smile:
  2. Seems you like the Chanel. If you are concerned about the increasing price of Chanel, then get it. If it does not work out, you can sell it and buy the Dior.
    What's helps to decide is also taking a picture with the bags and not just looking at the mirror in the store. Looking through pictures later always gives a much better perspective... For me anyway.
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  3. Lady Dior was never my cup of tea. Very matron-like in my opinion. Some women can rock it but it doesn't look good on my frame. I'm obviously very biased towards Chanel. lol
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  4. This is actually a good suggestion since Chanel retains the value better! And yea agree on the part of taking pictures, I find this allows me to see the bag on my whole frame and gives a much better perspective
  5. Get Chanel first. It sounds like that’s what you really want.
  6. I don’t like the classic Lady Dior in medium as well, agree that it looks matronly. Just recently I tried My Lady Dior, it was the smaller version with the chin pins and thicker straps and I was sold. But the heart is still pining for Chanel, I mean I couldn’t possibly be spending a lot of money in lieu of my dream bag haha??
  7. Thanks for reaffirming!
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  8. Looks like you’re leaning towards the Chanel. I wouldn’t describe the Lady Dior as casual bag though - it’s always very dressy and elegant.

    You cannot go wrong with a Chanel flap!
  9. I have both and I vote for Chanel. Though Dior quality is superior, it does look like my moms bag while I’m able to style Chanel better.
  10. Sounds like you really want Chanel flap! Maybe get the Chanel first and if you still want lady dior bag, you still can get it one day.
  11. The way I read your post, it seems to me that you prefer the Dior. You said the CF is women’s dream bag, you didn’t say it was your dream bag. You said the My LD was love at first sight and you’d really love a pastel bag.
    I’d go for the LD.
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  12. I am not a fan of the Lady Dior. I don’t think those grommets and quilting and handles all belong together. If I wanted a small tote style bag, I’d probably go for a Coach instead of spending the money on Dior.
  13. That's how I interpreted OP as well. I think the CF is definitely a classic, investment piece that you can't go wrong with, but the LD seems to be the one that makes OP's heart sing.
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  14. I would go with the flap. The only con you have listed for it is that it's too dressy, but it can easily be worn with jeans and flats no problem!
  15. Start with Chanel first. Chanel has more price increases than LD and it sounds like you really want that one first. The LD has a cult following. I like the Diorama and the larger Lady Dior on my frame.