Chanel Classic Flap - Medium vs Jumbo

Large or jumbo?????

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May 4, 2013
I have been going back and forth about the m/l and jumbo for months. I recently purchased the reissue 226 and even this size just about fits my daily essentiels, so now I’m set on the jumbo. I’ll probably get it in the lambskin due to the weight difference. And I have always been into the “oversize” look with casual outfits.


The Good Witch
Jun 15, 2010
Collegeville, PA
I just bought my first chanel this month, and it was a m/l. I waffled over the m/l vs jumbo for months and months as I was saving up, and I was convinced the ghw jumbo was going to be my bag, but I walked out with my shw m/l, and I don't regret that choice at all! At the end of the day it came down to my lifestyle. I did an honest assessment of what I do day to day and weekend to weekend, and realized that a larger "take everything with you" bag that can transition to evening wear just....isn't needed for me! I don't go many places, and when I do it's during the day and only for a few hours, and I don't really go out much at night. So! casual, light and easy to carry day bag was the right one for me! And yes also, the jumbo is SUPER heavy; my shoulder started hurting just from walking around the store and talking to my SA!
Oct 22, 2020
My personal taste is a CF small or medium at the biggest. But that's just because I'm quite petite. If I were to choose between those two, I'd still go for Large! Because jumbo feels a bit too big for a daily carry or even a night out and I heard it could be quite heavy and make your shoulders tired!


Jul 2, 2017
Some thoughts. For reference I’m 5’6” Size 28-29, 6-8, true Medium in clothes as I think this makes a difference in what bag works best.

M/L classic flap: Beautiful, doesn’t fit a lot as the caviar leather is stiff for durability, the chain is lighter and much shorter. I’d only wear this when going to dinner or going out. I don’t consider this an every day bag. It drove me crazy how much I couldn’t fit in it and I don’t particularly carry a lot (my day to day bags are the LV Pochette Métis and the YSL sac de jour in the baby size). That said, I need a flap for those particular occasions so it’s on my radar to buy again. I sold a previously preloved one that I tried to use as an every day bag.

Jumbo: Perfect every day size. Fits everything you need. The chain is thicker which I think is easier for day to day throwing it over your shoulder but I also think the chain is more stunning on this bag. Can’t wear crossbody as the chain is too long. I’d wear this bag to dinner albeit it being on the bigger size. If I was rolling up to a club then yes the bag would seem massive and would smack people as I walked through bottle service but TBH I’m 34 and those days are far behind me. I use my Mini Bottega pouch when I need a true night out style that’s small and easy to carry.

Hope this helps! I just ordered a Medium Business Affinity to be an every day bag as I love the top handle feature and it reminds me of a fancier Pochette Métis. So the m/l classic flap is on my radar next but not as an everyday bag as I now have plenty of those.