Chanel Classic Flap - Medium vs Jumbo

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Large or jumbo?????

  1. Large!!!

  2. Jumbo!!!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. If you could only have one, which one would you get???? I know jumbo is better for every day but it's SO big!!!! The large (maybe medium?) is better for nights. I can only afford one bag...which one should I go with? I need an every day bag as well as something that I could dress up for a night out. Which one would you recommend?????

  2. the jumbo is nice but too large for night life.
    i'd go with the large.
    good luck.
  3. large 4 sure
  4. large! the jumbo is so bulky looking!
  5. For me the jumbo didn't right on my frame, but it is a cool looking bag. The large is good for both day and night.
  6. I like the large best for a dinner to evening look. Most of the classic flaps I have are large. If you want to wear the large during the day you can do that too, but it will only fit the necessities. The only reason I got the navy in the jumbo is because I wanted a funkier look for the navy color and the jumbo defnitely does that for it. Good luck choosing!
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  7. I love the size of the jumbo. The large is great but I carry a lot of things. The large jumbo is next on my list... *sigh*
  8. I agree. The jumbo is perfect for day but too much for evening:supacool: . Personally I think that if somebody carries a large purse when they are going out they look like they only have one designer bag and they want to show it off eventhough it is out of place:upsidedown: . Hope you get what I mean:shame:
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  9. i voted for large!
  10. Ladies, for the 2.55 is the large size same as medium size, I know it's a silly question but I read it somewhere in this forum before..
  11. haha, I'm struggling with this same question: large or jumbo. Jumbo doesn't look as good as the large on me but I know I'd use it more during the day. Decisions decisions!!
  12. Large would be my choice. Jumbo is toooooo big.:supacool:
  13. Jumbo but only for the daytime.
  14. Correct me if I am wrong, the difference between the two is about 2inches in length?
  15. I tried on both and felt that the jumbo was significantly bigger, maybe 2 inches in length and width?