Chanel Classic Flap Medium and Large sizes

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  1. Anyone know the actual measurement of the Medium and Large sizes? How much is the price difference? I'm considering the Medium as my 1st Chanel bag but lots of TPFers are saying it's too small? How big is it exactly? :confused1:
  2. The classic flap in medium/large size is approx. 10"L x 6"H x 2.5"D. I believe it retails for about $2,350 for caviar. Not sure about the retail of lambskin.
  3. the medium ($2225) is 9" long and the large ($2350) is 10" but the large is taller as well and holds quite a bit more. check out the reference library for comparison pics and more info.

    eta - prices are for caviar.
  4. Because of the interior flap, it doesn't hold much.
  5. medium is large....haha, i know...its confusing it is usually given a classification as M/L. i dont know the exact dimensions, but i do have one. i would say it fits a small wallet, phone, keys and lip gloss. just the minimal essentials. it is small if u carry a lot more than that on a daily that case get a jumbo
  6. What is the interior flap? Can someone show me or direct to me a picture of the inside of the medium size? I tried looking at the reference thread but there are soo many different styles and my internet connection is so slow.
  7. Here you go. A picture of the interior flap.

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  8. I checked out the thread: What's in your Chanel today (it is on page 1), & found a pic of my Med/Large classic flap. I sold it & purchased a jumbo, but I kinda wish I had it back to use for special occasions. :crybaby: It is too small for an everyday bag for me. The jumbo holds almost twice as much.

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