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  1. Dear ladies,

    A few months ago I was between the M/L classic flap and the Jumbo. I always looked for preloved as a new one would be too expensive for me. So I bought a Jumbo Caviar with GHW. Now I have found two other bags and I don't know which one would be better. Both lambskin and Silver HW. The M/L and the mini which in youtube looks so cute. The truth is that I would want a little more space, but it can be worn cross body and that is a plus for me. Also if I wanted to sell one of them in the future which one would be sold more easily?

    I would greatly appreciate your advice like always.

  2. Honestly, the m/l doesn't hold much more than the mini because of the double flap. The crossbody wear is also a great option for the mini. Since you are getting lambskin, I think a mini is also better choice since its smaller and easier to take care of. The mini is also easier to resale since it is a seasonal item and more rare. Hth!
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  3. m/l cannot be worn crossboy while mini (both rect and square can). that should be your deciding factor and seems like you want crossbody option so i would say get the inini!! i have both sizes and find myself using mini much more often than my m/l ones. in terms of resale value, both are great bc they are classic flaps and hold onto their value well!
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  4. I prefer the m/l over and above the mini. I went to Chanel to check the mini, and did not like it. It is too boxy for such a small size.
  5. Do you think you would end with 2 bags? I ask that because...

    I like to do classic colors (black, navy, etc) in M/L as I feel that the M/L size is just so quintessential Chanel and elegant/chic. I tend to prefer getting rectangular mini in FUN bright colors, as the smaller size gives a casual feel so I like it in more fun pops of color and shiny material. Further, the M/L in classic black would give me the option of a bigger but elegant look when I want to use as an evening bag if the dressy outfit goes well with a bag of this size (especially in lambskin); while if the outfit calls for a smaller true clutch size look, then a bright color/shiny material rectangular mini would fit that need as well. I own a pink/rose gold rectangular mini w/SHW and if I am wearing a dressy but more funky/daring evening outfit, I would definitely reach for that, vs. a more "traditional" dressed up evening outfit, I may reach for a black lamb M/L.

    so if you may get more in the future, and feel similar to above, then maybe get the lamb M/L first and wait to get a fun color rectangular mini?

    Hope this helps....
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