Chanel classic flap - loose stitch?

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  1. Hey guys,
    I’ve had this bag since start of the new year, and used it only 2-3x. There a loose stitch on the bag. Should I bring it in and have them fix it or just snip it off? I know these bags are handmade so it may not be 100% perfect, but I do get bothered with small flaws. Anyone had experience with this?

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  2. It looks like if you snip it off it would be fine. I would just snip it with very sharp scissors and call it a day :smile:
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  3. I also had this with 2 of my bags.
    I bought a bag and within a week a stitch came loose i returned to the store and they had it fixed for me . The other one just happend last week but i got it for a Year now .. i dont want to drive an hour for 1 loose stitch :doh: But scared to cut it myself . So i am following this topic as well:tup:
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  4. Haha I’m literally in the same situation!!
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  5. Do you know how they fixed your first bag? As someone who worked luxury retail, we would often use common sense quick fixes for items. There is part of me that wonders if Chanel simply snipped the thread, but I have no personal experience.
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  6. I went to the Boutique and they called the seamstress that works for chanel (in the netherlands ) she took te bag at the back and came a couple minutes after back with it.. i wasnt there with her but i think she just cut it.. since it was all in a couple of minutes .
  7. Thank you; I expected that. However, I am sure there could be instances where a loose thread isn’t always benign.
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  8. I would snip it. I just did it on the bottom of a wallet. Then I dab a tiny bit of Vaseline on it to smooth down any frayed ends. Never had a problem.
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  9. Update: just snipped it off with clippers. I looked carefully and the end of the thread was like burnt (like a wax covering and it used to lay on top of an existing stitch, which just meant it was an extra thread). Saved my Chanel thank goodness!
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