Chanel Classic Flap Jumbo: Lambskin, Caviar or Patent

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  1. Hi All,

    I am about to head to Chanel, Chadstone Shopping Centre to purchase another Chanel bag. Just having trouble deciding which material I should go for...

    Please post pics of the Chanel Jumbo in either of the above material.

    Would love to hear all of your opinions.

    Thank you all for your time.
  2. Hi!!!
    I own a Jumbo in black caviar and just purchased the Chanel 3 flap in black lambskin. Here are pics of both. I'm loving the softness & luxuriousness of the lambskin; however, I appreciate the sturdiness & structure of the caviar.

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  3. I am dying to purchase the black patent jumbo in the window :sad: ive walked past a few times and i want it more every time, haha. Its just sitting there in the window saying BUY ME BUY ME! lol ( a new.. fresh.. untouched one ofcourse ) lmao.
    I love how the silver stands out on the patent, it just goes so perfectly
  4. ^^^ :tup:
  5. OMGOSH!!!! I just bought it!!! YIPEEEE SOOO EXCITED.... will post pics as soon as I learn how to upload the them on this site as when I tried to post pics it didnt appear... I bough the Chanel Maxi Jumbo in Patent - Black with Silver HW :yahoo::yahoo:
  6. im so jealous hehehehe. one day i will get it =p congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Congrats! I love patent!
  8. for every day use, definitely the caviar
  9. Congrats! Great combo!
  10. Ohh wow, black maxi in patent would be stunning!
    Yes please post pics soon! :biggrin:
  11. Congrats on your purchase! Post pics please :smile:
  12. cant wait to see your photos!
  13. Congratulations! Can't wait to see your pics.
  14. :P
    hi girls, i purchased a chanel bag it is the maxi jumbo, i am only 5ft tall i think it looks kinda silly on me- it is way too big for my frame, does anybody here own a chanel and also petite like me?

    i think i will purchase the smaller version

    will post my photo here soon and any comments please welcome

    i like to know your opinions before i decide to let it go