Chanel Classic Flap (JUMBO) in Caviar or....others?

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  1. hey ladies,

    you are right...Chanel is soooo addicting!! after i made my first purchase (medium classic flap in caviar) recently, im dying for more!!! hahahha.....

    i went into Neiman today and my SA showed me a JUMBO classic flap in with silver hardware, and the other with gold hardware. im thinking of gettingt he gold hardware one bc my medium size is silver...but, i want to know what you ladies u think my next Chanel should be the classic flap in jumbo? i mean, it looks just like me medium one...or should i get something else?? any recommendations?

    i have my eyes set on some of the gorgeous reissue that you ladies SA unfortunately can not locate them...she said Neiman didnt buy those...i guess i can just visit the Chanel stores to look as well.....decisions decisions...

    sorry, i, anwyays, i would looooveee for some of your opinions on my next Chanel purchase. im looking for a big bag (like jumbo size) for DAY TIME. would love to hear your ideas about whats the best new Chanel for this season! thanks in advance!!!
  2. I am no help since I purcahsed the jumbo caviar clasic flap in black with silver hardware today! I am totally loving this bag!! Since you have something similar you might want to try a tote, bowler or hobo style. There are so many beautiful bags to choose from right now.
  3. I have the jumbo black lambskin w/ gold hardware. Love it to death. Bellabags is correct, there are so many great bags right now it is hard to choose.
  4. I have the baby coco cabas and cerf on my 'want' list for days that I need to carry around a bit more than usual for me.
  5. thanks for the response ladies!

    and bellabags, CONGRATULATIONS on your new and BEAUTIFUL purchase!!! must be a stunner! hehe...

    sigh..decisions..decisions....will keep u guys posted!!
  6. Thanks, I am a recent flap convert. I was pleasantly surprised when I was at the boutique and tried it on with jeans & a black shirt and I was able to pull it off. It is definitely a staple in a girl's Chanel collection!
  7. So the classic flap bags are still available with gold hardware?
  8. I am all about silver hardware. All my bags have it. I think it is dressy enough, but also is easier to be casual with. Black jumbo caviar w/silver is my workhorse bag.
  9. I don't think you can have too many classic Chanel pieces. The jumbo flap is perfect for day. I have the dark brown with silver h/w and it holds quite a bit. All my essentials fit comfortably. I'd rather have multiples of a bag that is timeless than multiples of a bag that is trendy. Go for it!!
  10. thanks ladies!

    my SA at Neiman called before and said she already charged it for me, so i can pick it up anytime. i will probably pick it up tomorrow...and will post pics!!

    i ended up getting the jumbo classic, in black with GOLD hardware. i agree with what some of u said about silver h/w...its really fabulous! i have the medium with silver h/w so i figured the jumbo can be gold..haha....

    and, i guess u all are right, u cant get enough of the classics..afterall, Chanel is a classic! heart is still yearning for the bank account is gonna SUFFER...BADLY!!!!! i have NO WILL POWER!!!:sad:
  11. congrats!! can't wait to see the new bag! I think jumbo black with gold hardware will be perfect since you already have the silver!
  12. Congrats!!! Can't wait to see pics
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