Chanel classic flap in 12A red M/L or black jumbo?

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  1. I too would keep the black jumbo. I personally think the size is also more versatile.

    Plus if you are happy with your black caviar, that may be just as difficult as finding your perfect red. Many black caviars vary from bag to bag, and many here prefer the leather to be super black and have a sheen, and more nowadays seem to border on being gray and practically matte. So I think that's something to consider as well.
  2. Definitely keep the jumbo!
  3. Keep the black jumbo!
  4. While I dearly love red Chanel bags, I would not sell my first Chanel to buy one. Keep what you have and another red will come along which will augment your current bag.
  5. keep the jumbo please. it is your first and it is special. good luck!
  6. Keep your black jumbo, it'll last your for many years to come. Wait and save up for a red m/l :smile:
  7. Keep the black!
  8. I would definitely keep the black and avoid any loss. Reds come around every season, for sure you will be able to find another when you have the funds to do so.
  9. Keep the black jumbo since it's classic and long lasting. You may purchase red later when you are ready to add into your Chanel
  10. Definitely please keep your new black jumbo! Don't sell it for a loss to buy a preloved red flap, despite the fact that I love 12A red! Chanel will surely come out with another gorgeous red in the future. Just start putting money aside and before you know it, your dream red will come along and you'll be ready to get it brand spanking new from the store!
  11. Agree with the general consensus here and say keep the black jumbo.

    I have both the black jumbo and 12A red M/L and the jumbo is still my most used Chanel bag. You just can't go wrong!
  12. Yes, it does seem like everyone is suggesting that I should keep the jumbo. I will keep it because I love it so much :smile: The red M/L can wait :smile:

    Also a big thank you to everyone who contributed in this thread!:biggrin::biggrin: