Chanel classic flap in 12A red M/L or black jumbo?

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  1. Hello everyone!
    I have purchased a black Chanel Jumbo in caviar with GHW last month from a Chanel Boutique in Melbourne. I love how classic it is and I love how it looks on me. I think I will have this bag for a long long time and I have even thought about giving it to my future daughter (even though its too early to be thinking about this as I am only 20 :P).
    I bought this bag with my hard-earned money and I wanted to full boutique experience hence I did not look on the reseller/second-hand market.

    After purchasing the bag, I have started looking on reseller/secondhand websites to see how much pre-owned Chanel classic flaps cost for just out of curiosity. I came across a brand new 12A red Chanel M/L in caviar with SHW from a reseller and I can't stop thinking about it. I believe this is the perfect shade of red! :heart:

    The perfect scenario is of course, that I own both the black one that I already have and that red one that I have been eyeing on..
    However, I don't think I will be purchasing a second chanel bag anytime soon because I can't justify it. I am just a student and will need to focus my money on other things as well..

    Do you guys think I should sell my jumbo, make a loss and purchase the 12A red (It's brand new, I have only taken it out to admire it because I have been staying at home a lot these days and I can't return the bag as I have passed the time frame)? My boyfriend of 5 years knows how much I have been thinking about the red M/L and promises that he will buy me a red M/L flap from Rue Cambon (my perfect scenario!) as a push-present in the future but I am just a bit worried that the shade of red for that season might not be the shade i like..=.= Advice needed :smile: and thank you in advance!
  2. IMO you shouldn't sell your jumbo and take a loss for it. Black jumbo is great for everyday bag and easily match with any outfit. It's the HG bag.
    I will save up and get the red in future, which is what I'm doing now since I'm in love a red classic flap also
  3. I agree. Also you are at a risk of getting fake from a reseller which is always a concern for me. Chanel makes red year after year... Your perfect red will come when you have saved up for it
  4. Keep your black Jumbo!!!! The 12 A red is stunning but keep saving and get it in addition to the one you have!!
  5. keep the black.
  6. Keep the black jumbo! Your perfect red will come later.
  7. Keep your jumbo!
  8. No way should you sell your black - you will always regret it!
  9. keep you're jumbo it's such a classic bag you may find a red one in the future that you may like plus you worked hard for that bag you shouldn't sell it at a loss
  10. You should keep jumbo and save money for the red one.
  11. I vote keeping the jumbo as well and wait for the next perfect red! I'm always scared of paying high for a fake 2nd bag no matter how much I'm supposed to be saving. Also, it will be something you"ll look forward to. :smile: enjoy
  12. I have the 12A red and she is indeed a stunning red. But if I can only keep one, I personally would keep the jumbo as well. Black + GHW is so classic Chanel and I think you may regret letting her go, especially since you paid full price at the boutique. You can wear a black Chanel with almost everything but I don't think you can do the same with the red. Your jumbo will always be special to you since she was your first Chanel. Maybe you can save up and buy the red m/l later? You can always look for pre-loved later. Or maybe Chanel will come out with another stunning red and you will like that one more? But at the end, you need to go with your heart. Good luck in your decision.
  13. +1
  14. I would keep the black jumbo and keep saving for the red M/L. If you have other things around your house that you can put on ebay (jewellery, other designer items etc) - saving for the bag will not take you too long.
  15. Don't sell your jumbo and make a loss. It's a classic piece

    The Red will also come around... Chanel makes a red bag every year.