Chanel classic flap blush patent

  1. Hi,

    I saw a blush colored patent classic flap with silver hardware. I just love it, but wondering if it is too trendy. Do you think the patent stays in style or not? Thanks for the advice!!
  2. what size did you get? i'm thinking of getting the one in med...i think if you can afford it, it's definitely a style that can be long lasting
  3. Chanel has doing patent forever, and the blush is a gorgeous color that's a wearable neutral... IMO, it has staying power, especially in a classic Chanel shape you can find the color in (i.e. Medium, or Jumbo flap)!

  4. if you love it then get it...i think it is a gorgeous bag!
  5. ITA.
    Sorry if I am straying off topic...but where can I find one? In Chanel stores, or as I read...are they only available in Neiman Marcus?
  6. They are sold at Neiman Marcus; they are not available at Chanel boutiques.
  7. Agree with Minal, it's not too trendy at all.
    Go for it. =)