Chanel Classic Flap as Everyday Bag?

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  1. Has anyone done so? How is the bag strength?

    I had two classic flaps, lambskin and caviar.

    When I got them and used them both for a week. The corner flap stiches started to loose and the strap stiches as well. I got them repaired in Singapore Chanel in a week time. So I used my caviar again and I just found out that my caviar has a crack in the corner and the pink leather seems open up a bit and another corner stiches is loosen again.

    :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: Im leaving Singapore soon and Sydney boutique is hopeless in term of repair.

    :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. Are your classics mediums or smaller? Because if they are, then you are putting too much stuff inside of them!

    I use my jumbo classic every day and its in perfect condition. My medium classics, I've had to have Chanel repair them because I stuff them up too much.
  3. I don't usually use my Chanel handbags as an everyday bag. Maybe 2 consecutive days, then I'll change into another handbag again because it is one of the reasons why a handbag can get dirty or old looking very quickly.
  4. I have the same problem of loose starp stitches, but funnily it only happens to my tweed flap - twice! :confused1:
  5. Both medium classics. I have small card slots, blackberry and mobile phone as well la mer lip balm ... i dunno ... it really kills me, now the leather between stiches break a bit :cursing:
  6. I use my Jumbos as daily bags. They are open inside and no extra flap. They are great. I owned a medium and the stitches did get loose I think those bags cant be stuffed with to much stuff at all.
  7. Thank You ladies, I think I will leave my Chanels to evening items only or non-daily stuff, they too fragile.
  8. thanks ladies
  9. My jumbo classic flap is rotated with three or four bags for my work/day bag. I use it only 2 or 3 days out of the week because I don't want my flap to wear out quickly, and I like changing bags for variety. I have a vintage lambskin and it has help up pretty well from the past two years of use.
  10. if you have a medium or small flap, dont stuff them to the brim they are supposed to hold only the essentials, but if you have a jumbo or maxi flap, then you can stuff them to the brim :biggrin:

    hopefully you can fix your chanels :biggrin: :hugs:
  11. i've used jumbo and maxi very often & no problems...i prefer totes for everyday like Cerf or GST...