Chanel classic flap - 27 series!

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  1. Ladies, if you have a 27 series classic flap please share! I was looking for one from the store and my SA sent me multiple pics...received it with beautiful caviar and it was made in Italy (to my surprise)! I saw Made in France ones in the store and it had a matte, almost peeling quality. I was looking for shiny puffy caviar!

    This isn’t mine - let me know what you think!

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  2. I’ve got a 27 series ML CF with SHW. The pebbling is larger/more pronounced on this bag than on my old medium boy (purchased close to the same time), and it is also more matte. Hard to tell from the photos, but it is pretty puffy.

  3. My caviar def looks the same! Is it made in France or Italy? It’s weird how some of them just look so flat...makes me not want to buy classics all together despite how much I love them.
  4. Mine is made in Italy. Also 27 series, definitely leans matte, is puffy but isn’t super puffy. Just, sort of in between. It’s also quite stiff, but i’m okay with that because i’m hoping it’ll stay puffy longer this way.
    IMG_5555.JPG IMG_5560.JPG IMG_6490.JPG
  5. This is a jumbo right? They’re mostly made in Italy. I notice jumbos are less puffy as smaller classics as they’re bigger. You have some seasons with puffy quilting, just not as common as the smaller bags.
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  6. 27 series M/L bought it last month in Paris. It’s Made in France :smile:

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  7. I’ve just got mine last week! Fresh from the box itself! It’s a serial 27 and it’s made in Italy! I asked for a mif coz I thought it might seem more classic but it seems the shipment of classic is so rare that it takes few months to a year for it! Nonetheless I’m really happy to have this as most of my bags are mif! Let’s see a few years down the road if the mii or mif is better maker! Thus far I heard most of the bags mii is in impeccable quality and structure as Italy is known for it regardless of any luxury brands!

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  8. Going to Paris in a week! Was it hard to get a classic there? Did they have a lot to choose from?
  9. Actually I didn’t plan to buy a Classic Flap at all. I went to Louis Vuitton to get a Alma BB as my first designer bag since the price is pretty ok. They didn’t have any left in Paris.
    So I went to the Chanel boutique to look at the top handle. And again, they didn’t have any black ones left in Paris since it’s a seasonal bag. I always wanted a classic flap but I always thought it was way too expensive. Im only 22 I said I’ll buy it in the future :P Anyway the SA let me try on a classic flap and I knew couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was my dream bag and I wanted it.

    The Chanel boutique across the one at Avenue Montaigne had only 1 left when I was there (It’s a smaller boutique).
    But I bought mine at the Avenue Montaigne boutique. I didn’t ask how many bags they have since I’m a beginner I didn’t even know that you’re supposed to look at many bags and pick one. I just tried on one and there was a piece of glue on it, I showed it to my SA and she said don’t worry I’ll give you a brand new one not this one. She went back to pick out my bag and let me inspect it and it did look pretty good to me. Looked mostly as the corners, stitching and quilts. I mean I was already over the moon excited as hell buying my dream bag I didn’t even think comparing it to other bags :lol: But people that are more into this said mine is very shiny and puffy :love:

    Good luck with finding yours!
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  10. Aw love your story! Wish I got mine at 22, couldn’t afford it I have one already, just thinking about what to get in Paris.
  11. I can definitely see the difference between the Made in Italy and Made In France ones you ladies have posted. The MII are much less puffy & look more stiff, which isn’t bad just an observation. Many people prefer that over puffy, softer caviar.

    I also have the black caviar 27 series ML Made In France & I would say it leans more puffy, matte & not stiff, which is what I was Personally looking for.
  12. Beautiful! Any pics? Mine is actually pretty puffy and shiny and it’s made in Italy, I chose that over one that was made in France which was more matte. I wanted to see if it was just the season or just batches that were different, as caviar can be different even with the same season.
  13. These are better pictures

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  14. Interesting! Aren’t the number of stitches the same though? [emoji848]
    I wish I got a season with the super puffy quilting [emoji17] but I don’t want to wait around for another price increase to happen.
  15. I recently sent back a 26 series (jumbo CF with PHW) for this exact reason. The bag looked grey. Like someone had painted between the grains.
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